Have you tried other Langley gyms, or other Langley personal training programs, only to end up frustrated and lighter in the pockets?

It’s true. Personal training is not cheap. But we may have your answer… Whether you’re a beginner looking to get active for the first time, or a seasoned veteran taking on a lifelong goal, our experienced personal trainers employ a functional, results orientated, and scientific approach to personal training that is catered entirely to your fitness goals!

Yes, we don’t just give you 3 sets of 10 and count your reps…

  • We highly recommend starting your personal training experience with us by assessing every movement archetype and identifying red flags relative to your joint mobility and movement patterns with our Mobility WOD Movement Assessment.
  • With our nutrition and lifestyle assessment we’ll consider your gut health, sleep levels, personality type, neurotransmitter dominance and provide solutions for you working within your strengths and removing any weaknesses.
  • We’ll analyze your body language and stress levels. Educate you on nutrition and guide you in consistently improving your behaviour 1 habit at a time, and a pace that works within your lifestyle.

Give us 12 weeks of commitment and consistency and we’ll help you remove pain in your movement, lose weight, build muscle, and educate you for the long term.

So if you are ready to put the work in (we didn’t say this would be easy), and you feel like the help of a competent, qualified, and caring coach could put you over the top then BEFIT personal training is for you!

Our workouts are based on building real world, functional strength and athleticism while minimizing body fat and building lean muscle. To achieve these goals as fast as possible we combine old school methods with the latest research to create highly effective, short, fun workouts. Unlike most gyms we use limited machines because they are detrimental to building true athleticism and can never produce results as rapidly as exercises using your own bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, free weights, ropes, and many of our other non traditional training implements can.

And yes, you will receive all the nutritional guidance you need to maximize your results!

Because, fitness legend Jack Lalanne said it best…”Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”

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