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This Innovative Group Personal Training Bootcamp Has Been Voted Langley’s Best Gym For The Past 8 Years…

We Invite You To Find Out Why With 2 Weeks For $25!

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This is Not Your Average Langley Bootcamp, Fitness Centre, or Gym.

So what exactly is BEFIT?

The Workout

No “same old, same old” boring fitness routine here! Everyday is a new 55 min combination of the most effective principles of functional strength training, bodyweight, core, conditioning and mobility guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. All sessions begin with a dynamic warmup to get you ready for the workout of the day and finish with mobility.

Unlimited Sessions

All memberships offer unlimited access to any of our 52 timeslots per week (with no online booking required), so you’re never turned away from a workout! You are also welcome to come in early or stay late and work on extra cardio, mobility or accessory work. It’s your body, your goals, we’re here to support you!

Multiple Trainers

With 2 trainers in most sessions, you’ll be taken care of whether you’re working around an injury, just getting started, or a seasoned BEFIT member needing advanced progressions. We strive to provide you with a personal training experience in every session regardless of how many individuals are training alongside you.

3 Levels

With 3 levels of the workout in every session, we have an innovative approach for you to seamlessly integrate into our training environment. This means you can work out at the relative intensity that is right for you, build consistency in your routine, lose fat, improve fitness, and stay injury free no matter what fitness level you are.


Our fun and positive atmosphere with no gym egos or attitudes will help you find that love of fitness and meet new people along the way. With Starbucks Social Saturdays, charity bootcamps and other social events, our community is a great place to meet new people and build new friendships.

Nutritional Guidance

Focusing on 1 habit at a time, we will show you our easy to follow and sustainable nutrition plan so that you can work towards your goal. We’ve had hundreds of success stories over the years and understand how to coach nutrition so it is sustainable for the long term while working within the context of your lifestyle!


It’s true! We’ve been voted Langley’s Best Gym and Health and Fitness Club 8 years in a row from 2012-2019. We bring together the 5 C’s of communication, clarity, consistency, confidence, and community to elevate your health and fitness experience and keep you committed to your fitness for years to come!


We never forget the reason you walked through our doors. You are here for results and we help you build a foundation of habits that will get you there! You’ll maximize your valuable time and get more results with motivation, accountability, access to expert coaches, and association with like minded individuals.

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langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“Joining The Bootcamp Effect last October was the best decision regarding my health that I have ever made, hands down. I have been overweight my entire life. I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. My version of exercise was walking and doing a half ass job of a workout DVD in my basement.

This isn’t a fad, or a quick fix. This is my new lifestyle. Working out is now one of my priorities. Making time for me to better myself and my health is important; it’s important for me, my husband and my children. Since I joined last October I am proud to say I have lost over 110lbs. However, I am even more proud of seeing what my body is capable of. It’s very rewarding seeing myself getting physically stronger and doing things I never thought I would be able to do.

Josh, Karen, Alicia, Laurie and the other trainers are amazing. I can’t say enough good things about these people! I can not even put into words how much they have helped me over the past 7 months. Josh and Karen are two of the most motivating people I have ever met. I am very honoured and thankful to be a part of The BEFIT Family. My journey has only just begun and I look forward to seeing what the rest of it will look like.
“Excuses or results, not both” ;). True story.”
– Cathleena Mullen

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“I have now been attending The Bootcamp Effect for one year and just reached All-Star status. I didn’t want to echo that same comments as everyone on this page but I have to say there really is no other gym like The Bootcamp Effect. I have reached new fitness levels that I did not think was possible one year ago.

The workouts in The Bootcamp Effect have completely changed my body, power, strength and stamina. One thing I can say is that this gym is very addictive and if you keep up with consistency you will see amazing results. Thanks Josh, Karen, Erick, Laurie, Jen, and Alicia for all the time you guys have spent training me and a big thanks to all my BEFIT friends.

PS. A big thank to my wife for letting me attend so many classes! (Had a say that to say out of doghouse). Also if it ain’t slim fit I ain’t wearing it. BE Fit!
– Troy Sinclair

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“I remember one of my very first sessions with Josh, he handed me weights to do some bench presses and I looked at him like he was crazy because I was sure they were way too heavy, he told me to try it, so I did.. And of course I rocked it! It was around that moment I was hooked!

In my time at BEFIT I have learned so much from Josh and the team, and I am forever grateful for everything they continually do. They are always there to help through struggles, help set new goals, push me just a little harder and pump me up and make me feel as though I can accomplish anything! I go to the gym looking forward to my workout and being really worked, which is something I would never be able to push myself to do alone at a gym.

My journey so far has had its ups and downs, but I am proud of myself for every step I have taken! I couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of the BEFIT team, and my family and friends, so thank you all SO MUCH! But I am not finished yet!”
– Christina Stuart

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“On September 4, 2013, pushing 210lbs, I arrived at The Bootcamp Effect scared, oh man was I nervous! However, I was certainly ready to make a change. I had my consultation with Josh 15 minutes before my first workout; Josh and I chatted about my short term and long term goals and I was so impressed with him and his genuine caring demeanor. He made me feel so incredibly comfortable!

To me their was this massive change that I went through after high school where I went from athlete to “athletic” and I absolutely hated the way I truly did “let myself go.” I remember specifically telling Josh that I was dying to be an athlete again as well as see that athlete looking back at me in the mirror… The Bootcamp Effect has totally made that happen for me!

The past ten months have been the most rewarding of my whole life! Not only have I lost 32 pounds and over 45 inches (approx. 15 inches from my stomach) and who knows how much fat! My confidence is through the roof and doesn’t even compare to the way I used to feel about myself! I have muscles in places I didn’t even know existed and I am a much happier person to be around!

To my AMAZING trainers, Laurie, Jen, Karen and Josh and my many special friends who I have grown to know from the 8:30am class, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and encouragement! Each and every one of you always saw the changes in me before I saw them in myself, and celebrated with me in those changes before I even could! Your encouragement has been SO motivating! I am looking forward to continuing on this journey with BEFIT as I still have many goals I WILL accomplish.
– Courtney Whitfield

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


I love my BEFIT! Yes I do feel like its mine… BEFIT has done more for me than I can believe…or begin to understand how. It is an amazing place of support, laughter, challenges, knowledge, friendship and yes more work than I think I can do. BUT I do it…happily. When Im not there I cant wait to get back in BE land. Ok well it had to be said thank you for listening 🙂 🙂 🙂
– Maxine Sims

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


Tough Mudder was an awesome event and I feel very fortunate to have experienced it with everyone from the gym. I am proud to not only be a member of The Bootcamp Effect, but to also belong to this amazing group of truly awesome people. You are the best! I don’t think there is anyone else who could do what you do, as well as you do and the way you do it!
– Jason Robertson

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


With encouragement from friends that workout at The Bootcamp Effect, I actually walked into the doors of BE at the end of June. I saw a workout in progress and I felt overwhelmed (a bit scared) and thought I don’t think I can do that. I am thankful for the encouragement I received right from the get-go.

My very first week at BE was the start of their weight-loss contest, “The Biggest Winner”. I pushed myself from the very first day (Monday, September 16th, a day I will never forget!). I attended the next day as well, and before I knew it I was there for the rest of the week. The second week I did 5x (Monday to Friday) per week until the end of October. Eventually, I increased the intensity in my workouts and I was starting to feel really good. I had made progress which I could see and feel. The weight started coming off, and so did the inches!

I have big goals for myself in 2014 and I am so encouraged and supported at the Bootcamp Effect. I know I will reach my goals! I thought running was my favorite thing in the whole world, but The Bootcamp Effect has become my second family and favorite workout!
– Cathy Empey

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“I attended my first session at the Bootcamp Effect on my birthday in 2013 with very little athletic background or previous gym exposure. That day was a burpee challenge – definitely the most intense way I’ve ever celebrated my birthday! I was quite intimidated to walk through the front door for the first time because I had no idea what to expect and I was nervous that my lack of athletic experience would make me stand out in a negative or embarrassing way. Within moments of entering the building, though however, I was warmly welcomed by several members and quickly felt the positive energy of the people around me. By the end of my first month, I was hooked! What an amazing place!

The workouts are meticulously crafted and change each month to keep it interesting and effective. The trainers are committed to building personal relationships with each and every member, they are encouraging and consistently show a true desire for individual success. The group session environment encourages healthy competition and team accountability.

I’d like to thank the staff at BE for your display of passion in everything you do – your drive for the members’ success is second to none! I’d also like to specifically thank my wife Jenn (a previous BE trainer) for being my workout buddy, for keeping me accountable and for providing me with excellent nutritional guidance and food preparation at home! I encourage everyone to BE the change you want to see!”
– Luke Kirk

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


“The Biggest Winner Challenge was a huge accomplishment for me. Having an actual start and finish date really made a difference on my commitment. I hit the gym 4 plus days a week and completely re-evaluated my diet and eating habits.

The support of all the trainers and new friends I’d made was so encouraging and helpful. It IS an extended family; you are always greeted with smiles and welcomed to every class. It is such a positive and energetic atmosphere. I will keep on making myself the best “ME” I can be and I know The Bootcamp Effect Team will support me in all my challenges.I LOVE IT There!!!”
– Marla Giacomazzi

langley bootcamp, langley gym, boot camp, gym


On July 4th I went for a physical and weighed in at 198lbs. I was overweight but still feeling pretty good as I was fairly active but had absolutely no thoughts or ambition to follow a proper diet. I took a long hard look at myself during the month of July… I looked at where I wanted to be a year from then and after mulling it over and formulating a game plan I was ready to implement it.

I started my membership at the beginning of August, and during my first month at Bootcamp I dropped 8 lbs and was well on my way. I always felt I could have given more and I would always vow to do so during the next class. At the halfway point I weighed in at 179 lbs. which I was extremely happy with. One goal down, one more to go!

Like the wall at The Bootcamp Effect states, there is no try, I will just do it. I have now been going to The Bootcamp Effect for 5 months, and the change in my body and my mind has been very rewarding. I enjoy my workouts with my trainers and I enjoy being surrounded by like minded people. Not all my decisions in life have been winners but this one certainly has been.

Thanks to everyone at The Bootcamp Effect for inspiring me to better health and for pushing me in my athletic endeavors. Thanks also for allowing me to share my story.
– Ron Heron

bootcamp effect langley trial week


Unlimited Access:
52 timeslots per week to choose from with Langley’s Best Gym for the past 8 years. 

langley bootcamp, bootcamp

Backed By Science:
Your workouts will vary each day of the week, with workouts changing monthly. You will not get bored with the same old routine. Instead you will perform exercises designed to melt fat off your body and boost your metabolism, so you can lose weight faster. Your body will be shocked as you will be doing an hour of resistance training, cardio and core all in 55 minutes. Remember there is no weight loss solution that does not require effort. Do you want to BEFIT?

Nutritional Guidance (also backed by science):
We provide you with a quick start guide and provide you with access to our members page and e-newsletter with all the information you need to make informed choices about the habits you need to make to obtain your best results. And of course, if you need to chat with one of our fitness professionals, we are always here to help!

Multiple Personal Trainers with 3 Levels of Programming:
At BEFIT, we know everyone is not the same, so we provide modifications for all exercises. And with 2-3 trainers in the majority of our sessions, you’ll be taken care of whether you’re a beginner, working around injury, or a seasoned BEFIT veteran needing advanced progressions. Our innovative 3 levels of workouts are designed to help you lose fat and stay injury free no matter what fitness level you are.

Fun Positive Environment:
If you’re thinking at this point, that group fitness is too tough or you’ve had a bad experience in the past and you don’t want to be yelled at, then we encourage you to experience the difference with us. All exercises can be modified to make them easier so no matter what shape you’re in, you can do this. There is only positive energy and encouragement at BEFIT.

You getting pushed out of your comfort zone and working harder than you ever would if you were training on your own. Beginners who workout with trainers GET MORE RESULTS than beginners who workout by themselves. Build that foundation with accountability, access to expert coaches, and association with like-minded individuals

Our Promise to You:
You will never think about exercise the same after you walk through our doors. At BEFIT, our trainers are not going to stand around and count your reps and get in a conversation with you about our lives. We’re going to be motivating you, getting excited and devoting our efforts to ensure you perform each exercise correctly and with your best effort. Your results are what is important to us and we will go above and beyond to ensure you get them!

Remember, this is your body and you only have one, so take your health seriously, get the body you want, commit, and see the amazing results that will blow your friends away. 3 months from now, you could be 90 days older and possibly 3-5lbs heavier and no happier with your body than you are today. Or you could try out BEFIT for a 2 week trial, and in those same 3 months you could be 10-20lbs lighter and closer to your health and fitness goals. Are you looking for RESULTS? what are you waiting for….

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In most traditional personal training, there is way too much time sitting around talking about personal lives and counting reps. You may even see some trainers checking themselves out in the mirror!!!!!!! That’s insane!

Well what most personal trainers don’t want you to know is…

Most Langley personal trainers charge between $40-$80 per session, and with this old slow paced model of training, you probably need to schedule at least 3 sessions a week just to see the results you’d expect. So after 1 month of personal training you’d be paying at least $480/month for a cookie cutter workout from an average Langley personal trainer.

With BEFIT workouts, you’ll enjoy the supportive attitude and social support of your like minded workout partners, and take your efforts to the next level. We know from experience, you will work harder with our personalized group training.

See how our fitness classes stack up against the competition

comparison, langley, langley bootcamp, fitness, weight loss, bootcamp, gym, langley gym

If fitness came in a bottle, everyone would have a great body. BEFIT prides itself on providing you with the workouts, the atmosphere, and the experience that will enable you to fall in love with your health and fitness. We know when this happens, it will make all the difference for you!

And to give you the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for you and to remove all doubt about our program, you are welcome to come try us out for a NO HASSLE 2 WEEK TRIAL FOR $25!

Committed to your results,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS, PTS, CPT, CF-1, PN-1
Founder, BEFIT
Lifestyle. Strength. Performance.

P.S. Our formula has had such a dramatic effect that it has allowed us to expand 4 times within our first 4 years of opening as well as being voted Langley’s #1 Health and Fitness Club by the readers of The Langley Advance for the last 8 years. Feel free to take a look at our bootcamp community and read our blog on education, exercise, and entertainment.


“The Bootcamp Effect has truely changed my life. I have always been an active person my entire life and always dedicated to staying in shape. I struggled with results for so long so I thought by working out more, that would give me instant results. I was wrong. I was always just maintaining my weight and build and never losing any inches. The problem with the gym is you dont truely work your hardest. Most people when they are tired they just give up and take a break, with the Bootcamp Effect you are forced to go that extra mile and push past the pain. Its that push and strive that everyone needs in their life to reach maximum results. I thought there was nothing out there that would work for me and when i found this bootcamp i was definately in for a surprise. The workouts are intense but so much fun at the same time. The trainers really care about each person individually and helping them reach their goals. I was impressed to see results so soon for myself, i almost couldnt believe it. I was shedding inches and pounds by the week. I have been with the Boot Camp Effect for just over 3 months now and have lost about 15lbs! My goal was to lose about 10lbs but I have ambition to keep going. If you really put your mind in the game and work at it, then this Bootcamp is a 100% success to reach your goals!”
– Nicole Benson
A year ago if someone said that I would be going to Bootcamp 3 days a week, I would have told them they were crazy!! I always thought it was something that was for all those people that are already in good shape. I am definitely proof that you don’t have to be one of those people. I know I would not be so dedicated if Josh was not invested and dedicated to helping transform us. The fact that he believes that *I* can do, which I never got from any gym, it keeps me motivated to keep going. After the first month I lost 3% body fat and 7 inches off my body. I am almost into my 5th month and loving the fact that I can feel my body getting stronger and stronger literally! I also love the fact that each class is different and never boring. Thank you Josh for your continued support and infectious enthusiasm!!
– Colleen Goodman
I’m super proud of myself. I’ve come along way. I thought it would be a lot harder than it was (well it was hard.. but you know what I mean). I knew once I signed up, I was thinking of backing out and i didn’t think i would be where i am so soon. I look back at pics and I never want to be like that again. But i cant take all the credit, your help was a big part to getting me to where i am now. Your great, your motivating, your friendly, and you yell at us sometimes..but with a smile on your face. The money is worth it.. its more $$ than a gym.. but you get more out of it.. results, meal plan, food diary and support etc it has been well worth my money.. i dont think i could of done it alone at the gym myself and in 3 months…I saw results. You get what you pay for. I didn’t know alot about working out when i worked out at the gym, and even from doing this.. I’ve learnt a lot..Thanks for the great results!!
– Samantha Cook
I am currently attending Josh’s Boot Camp. I can not say enough about this camp and great trainer. I had been wanting to improve my health for a long time but hardly had the motivation to go to the gym. I had moderate to severe asthma which really effected my exercise. I started searching for a personal trainer and then was convinced to join this bootcamp. Best decision I ever made. Now I am in the 8th week and I am feeling great and my asthma has significantly improved. When I joined the boot camp I was having a lot of fears about being able to keep up with the class and I imagined that I was going to get yelled at like a drill sergeant. Josh was the complete opposite of what I had expected. He is very professional, very energetic, respectful, inspiring and encouraging. Josh is a delight to work with and completely devoted to his job and you can tell he really enjoys what he is doing. He cares about every single person who attends the camp. Each workout is different which keeps it a challenge and is a lot of fun. Also really appreciated all the nutritional tips as well. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in shape and have fun while doing it. You will meet a lot of great people who will also be a great support team. Thanks Josh for all your hard work and dedication if it wasn’t for you I would not be where I am today!
– Tanya Onisimchuk
Thanks Josh! The bootcamp was great and so are the results! 8 weeks ago I started bootcamp with Josh now I need a whole new wardrobe! I had tried other exercise programs but never seemed to quite get the results I was looking for. Then Josh asked me to participate in his bootcamp program. Finally someone who could push me to my limits and more but still having fun at the same time. Who needs Bob and Jillian when you have Josh around. Not only did Josh help us with our fitness program He also helped us with our eating habits as well. Now I can say I am not only happier and healthier but “skinnier too”. I am well on my way to achieving my goal. See you for the next session. P.S. don’t worry Josh I just love to shop!
– Jacquie Thrussell
I just want to thank you formally for the really fantastic boot camp! Love your energy and positive attitude. It has been a blast working out! Never thought I could do it! Your knowledge on fitness and nutrition has taught myself and my family how to take the right paths in the future. Your bootcamp program has really motivated me to get moving and has given me the energy and drive I need to reach my goals. The last 9 weeks have been challenging but very rewarding. Thanks again!
– Tina Spurgeon
A BIG THANK YOU to Josh!!! I had been looking for something to kick my butt into gear for a while now and was introduced to Josh’s Bootcamp – FANTASTIC!!! Fun – Challenging – Educational. Josh taught us how to eat right and challenge our bodies to the max… The 200 Butt Blaster – WOW!!!! Josh’s PASSION for fitness and ENTHUSIASM is contagious and I encourage anyone who is looking to get in shape while making new friends and having FUN to catch his “Fitness Bug” ! ! ! Thanks again Josh ~ you ROCK!!!!!
– Mary Taylor
“After reading thru the book that Josh gave me (he’s talking about the BE Fit Nutrition rules), I decided to change what I was eating. The first thing that I did was I eliminated gluten from my diet and all processed foods. If it was in a can or premade I didn’t have it. I also I stoped having coffee and pop and drank only water and protein shakes. I also tried to eat smaller meals throghout the day. For breakfast, I would start with cereal or oatmeal and then try to eat protein and fresh veggies alternateing every 2 to 3 hours while at work. Once I got home I would usually have chicken or fish with hot veggies or a salad . I also tried to not eat anything after 8 pm.
I usually saved Saturday for my cheat meal but sometimes I would mix it up and do it on a Friday. Usually my cheat meal would be eating out at a restraunt or eating premade food. The two things that I focussed on avoiding were gluten and booze, everything else was fairgame for my cheat meal.”
– Shane Clifford
“It is the best thing I ever decided to try. After two babies and being at a very miserable size 12 nothing I tried would get rid of that stubborn weight. I tried joining a gym, a dance fitness studio, pilates, when that failed I tried home dvds such as Zumba, The 30 Day Shred with Jillian, Hip Hop Abs. I was stuck and nothing was working. Surfing the web one day, I stumbled across the Bootcamp Effect website and after reading all the reviews, I thought I have nothing to lose by trying it out. After the trial, I was so impressed I decided to join for a month. Well the trainers are phenomenal and they kicked my butt everyday I went. Josh is as humble as they come and it is refreshing to meet a trainer that is so genuine. You can tell that Josh is living and working his passion and it shows in his dedication to his members. I have so much respect for Josh, Kurt, and Krystine and the energy they bring to the classes. It is impossible to get bored because every workout is different and so much fun. I am almost a size 8 now, my body continues to change. I feel stronger, I am more toned and I feel fantastic. I will never be able to thank the trainers enough for giving me my life back. Try it out for at least a month. You won’t regret it. Three months later and all my skepticism is gone and I plan on being a member for a very very long time.”
-Kiran Gill
As the past 10 months have been a very productive 10 months, in terms of getting back into shape. I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me and I have been lucky to find such an easy going schedule that I am able to work it around my busy work life. Though, in recent news, since I was unable to get the shift and depot that I wanted for the coming year. As of that, I will be unable to continue Bootcamp for the forseeable future, although it has not been ruled out in my future. I regret nothing of my enrollment with The Bootcamp Effect and I have nothing but good things to say about the program and trainers. As well as you, Krystine was an excellent trainer and I will really miss her motivational tactics on me. This was not an easy decision because I have changed over these 10 months. From my burly 220lbs when we first met, to my current 203lbs with much added, and appreciated, muscle. I will definitely be passing on a good word for this company and I expect nothing but great things for this company in the future. I really would like to thank you for the opportunity to better myself and to get yelled at, it was fun.
Thank you, and Krystine for everything. You guys are second to none.
– Kurtis Wade
My back has been feeling better, but kept me out of the gym for a long time. I really enjoyed the 2 workouts that I did attend last month. My body felt pretty good after. It felt good working out again. It gives me more energy both physically and mentally. I really enjoy working out with you. I appreciate your patience with my injury and your willingness to adjust a workout just for me. People ask me why I travel so far, when I live next to a gym? I guess your genuine interest in your clients and your flexibility keeps me coming back. Thanks Josh.
– Darla Young
“Krystine, I’ve worked with other trainers and was in the gym way more than I am now but I have never seen the results as I am seeing now.
You are an amazing trainer and I love you!!”
– Ellen Campbell
I asked Josh a few questions about power training and what I can do to become a more explosive athlete. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with all the questions I had for him, not only that, he offered to train me and help me become a better athlete. His drills were unique and tailored to my specific needs. Within weeks I noticed my speed and explosiveness had increased and I was training harder than ever. As a soccer player we need to be fit and healthy, Josh made sure there was proper warm-ups and cool downs that matched just what I needed. Whether I was training for a sport or just to stay in shape, Josh had the knowledge of all the exercises I needed to know. His routines are never boring and he pushed me to the maximum. Josh is an all-around excellent trainer and he helped take my athleticism to the next level, a level I thought I could never reach!
– Scott McIndoe
After having my 3rd baby I needed an exercise that would fit into my busy schedule and get my body back into my “skinny” jeans. Bootcamp has been an excellent experience all the instructors know how to push you and get great results. I always leave saying that was a good work out and I have seen the difference losing my baby weight.
– Michelle Baldinger
Krystine, thanks for the email. I am LOVING it! Really appreciate the workouts you have prepared for us, feeling the ‘exercise pain’ during the day just the right amount, clothes are fitting looser and I’m feeling stronger each day. Also appreciate your expertise in teaching me (correcting my form) how to get the most out of each workout. I will admit that at the beginning of each dragon boating practice, I am cursing you a bit =P…but just a tiny bit and I’m grinning from ear to ear by mid-practice because I can out paddle (endurance & strength) many on our team. =D
Thanks for EVERYTHING…for taking the time to clear the air at the beginning, for your expertise, motivation and patience! I highly value all you have to offer!
– Tryva Radmacker
I joined Bootcamp Effect more out of support for someone else, to be their accountability. Then once I got going on Bootcamp I was hopelessly addicted! With the trainers and other bootcampers getting along so well, it is a great environment to exercise and workout in. I consider everyone at Bootcamp my friends, and I feel like I owe everyone an explanation if I miss a class when I am usually a regular. I love the multiple options on times in the evening, it fits into my hectic work schedule no problem. I signed up slightly before The Biggest Winner 2.0 contest started, and following a four bootcamps per week schedule and taking diet tips from Josh and the other trainers, I lost over 10% of my starting body weight! I still have some weight to lose, and I will stick with The Bootcamp Effect at Bootcamp U because I know it works! Thank you Bootcamp Effect!
– Jon Mason
Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all the hard work you do. Tonight was my last class and it was very bittersweet, I will miss you guys but I’m excited about going to Depot. I don’t know if I ever would have passed the PARE without your help, motivation and guidance. You are all so amazing at what you do! The Bootcamp Effect has changed my life, and my body. I may weigh the same as I did when I started but I look completely different. I have nothing but good things to tell people about you, and I will recommend you to anyone I can. You have all made a difference in my life, and I’m sincerely grateful. Hope to see you guys again in 6 months. I will no doubt hear Krystine in my head saying “Come on Erin! We’ve got goals!” while I am gone. Take care, and keep up the good work!!!
– Erin Sutherland
Before joining to The Bootcamp Effect I thought I was in pretty good shape………I was wrong. Josh and his team have taken fitness to a whole new level for me. I have been part of several bootcamps across Canada over the years and I can say without any hesitation that The Bootcamp Effect, and its trainers, are the best I’ve come across. A couple of highlights that have kept me coming back for more:
· The classes cater to all fitness levels and goals (beginner vs veteran, weight loss vs building muscle mass)
· Highly motivated trainers that will push you
· Knowledgeable on diet and exercise as well as the science behind the two
· Very friendly environment (has a family feel to it)
· Wide array of equipment (TRX, Ropes, Medicine balls, Weights, Tires, Kettlebells etc.)
· Intense (1 hour sessions, in and out if you have a busy life style)
· Never boring (always something new)I’ve been involved in sports and working out most of my life and The Bootcamp Effect has revitalized my drive to improve my fitness level. Over the last 4 months I have increased my strength, lost body fat, and gained muscle mass. Thanks guys, I haven’t had this kind of drive to improve my fitness level in a long time!
– Fraser Taylor
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful bootcamp experience. I have attended bootcamps in the past but yours is definitely the best one I’ve been a part of. I do plan on coming back in the near future for sure! You have a passion for what you do and it shows.
– Colette Hagel

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