Your Langley Bootcamp Trainer’s Fat Loss Success

Hey guys, Josh here, and today, I have a special treat for you… We have the first blog from our bootcamp training team! This one is from our very own Morning Metabolizer, Krystine Fernandez!!!!!

Take it away Krystine…

Do you catch yourself looking at people and wondered “how do they do it?”, me too.

Just because I am your trainer does not mean I’ve never had weight issues. I battled with weight most of my teens and early adulthood. It was early one year when I weighed in at 150lbs, and that was after I tried different diets and fat loss methods. None of them worked for me. What worked for me was making a life long commitment to eating healthier and setting fitness goals each year.

How I eat:
“If it is not in the Canadian food guide, its most likely not good for you”
“If you bought it in a grocery store aisle, its most likely not good for you”
Food for thought: Notice how the 5 food groups of the Canadian food guide are located in the perimeter of a grocery store? That’s how I keep myself out of trouble when grocery shopping. Staying out of the aisles which carries all your processed and junk foods will help you keep your kitchen free of your most desired foods.

How I exercise:
Always do better than you did the last. Showing up is NOT good enough. You need to do the work and bring the effort every single time. My fitness mentor once told me that possession, consistency, commitment, and ownership will get you to your goal. Setting a goal can be anything from running 10km or the ability to do pull ups without assistance. Setting a fitness goal will allow your mind to be focused on the specific activity rather than the number that shows up on the scale. Accomplishing your fitness goal will get you to complete an activity you either used to do or have never done and all that weight you lost trying to accomplish it… well, that just became the cherry on top. Speak with your trainer to help you set a SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely) fitness goal.

For those who didn’t believe I weighed more…

Krystine Fernandez
The Bootcamp Effect

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