Your Biggest Fat Loss Mistake

Have you been working hard lately at bootcamp, burning the candle at both ends, and not seeing the results that you want to see?

Well, your in luck…

Here’s the inside track on the biggest mistake that is stopping you from fat loss results…


Everything counts.

Everything counts?

Yes, even that one small deviation is hurting you.

See, when you join bootcamp and we tell you if you want the best results consume no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no processed food, and no alcohol, we are trying to detox your body by not eating “crap” for a month.

When you detox, you give your liver a break from processing food that was not meant to be in your body. When you clear your liver, your hormone balance gets better, and your liver works more efficiently to process “bad food” when it enters your body. When your hormones are balanced, you get better results, and then you change the world.

You are powerful. Yes you are. But you know what stops that…

One small devation, one glass of wine, one slice of bread, all these are big enough to hit that reset button on the detoxification of your body. (Think how annoying it is when you have to restart a computer and hit the reset button, ya, that is what I am talking about with your body). Kinda hard to get anything done hitting that reset button on that computer isn’t it?

So why are you doing this to your body!!!?

Stop hitting the brakes! Stop starting a diet with unhealthy food in your cupboards! Throw them away or give them to the food bank!

Stop starting an exercise program without setting aside specific time in your schedule to exercise! Today or later is not the same as 6am everyday. Don’t half commit to this! This is your life! I see the people that are committing to this cause. It’s a beautiful thing to see as they are transformed physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I’m going to sidetrack here…I have heard a few people asking one of our bootcampers who is ripping it up right now with questions on what she is doing. She’s down 14% so far in The Biggest Winner…. You know what she’s doing…What I outlined in The Biggest Winner Nutrition rules…That’s all.

Now think about this with training…Missing a days workout session just because you cant be bothered is tapping the brakes on your results. Now think of what this does to your self esteem, as it is tied up with these promises you make to yourself. Promises to hit your goal and lose weight by exercising regularly…

Take a dollar out of your metaphorical self esteem bank account for missing every bootcamp session that you meant to or intended to go to.

Your subconsious now is rooting against you. Make this easy on yourself.

The easiet approach is just to do it. No, that’s to used… Just BE it.
You will get phenomenol results. Just Bootcamp the f#%& out of it. Exercise regularly and eat well. Don’t eat less. That’s wrong. Eat more good food.

You have not excuse not to BE here at least 3x/week. The Bootcamp Effect’s gym is amazing, and every month, I will be looking to add more value, equipment, and experience to make your fitness journey more exciting!

Let’s be clear..The only excuse to not making a workout is if you are actually sick.

Stop make these massive promises to yourself and fail when you know deep down that you are going to give up.

Maybe now is not the right time for me to lose weight.


You just took your self esteem down a peg – make a plan and stick to it! It doesnt have to be a big plan. Make small goals and see them through to completion.

Because this is your health, this is your life, and this is important! And when you find that combination of health, fitness, nutrition, and bootcamp that sticks, it’s magical.

We’re all in this together. Your success is my success. Thank you for being apart of this great community.

BE change. That’s Bootcamp Effect Change if your new here.
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect