You want to lean that body? Then do this.

25 tips to the lean body lifestlye

It’s April, that means we’re in spring time, so let the cascade of clothes shedding begin….Also known as, if you have goals to look your best for your wedding, your favorite beach spot, or your favorite person then it’s time to buckle down and commit to those goals!

Oh wait it is raining outside, we’ll that means it’s going to be extra good come summer time!

And this may article may be a little more than just lean body tips, so be prepared…

Here’s an obligatory sideshow of hot summer bods to get us back on track:

But it’s not all about looks, there’s 4 aspects to being healthy!

cue the music…..da nanana da nanana

(In an announcer’s voice) Introducing the 4 quadrants of health:

Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotional

Please remain in your seats and just remember these….and interpret them however you see best fit.

And now onto the Lean Body List (… also in an announcer’s voice):

1. Eat a high protein breakfast. Try this little beauty on for size: egg whites, spinach, quinoa, and salsa – breakfast, best meal of the day!

2. Pre plan and prepare meals for the week. Yep, cook those 6 chicken breasts for the week on Saturday. You’ll thank me by hump day (Whooah Wednesday….that’s not Wine Wednesday ;))!

3. Supplement with fish oils. Aim for 5g of omega 3. (Each pill is typically 1 gram).

4. Don’t be afraid to say no, especially when it comes to food! Are you gonna let peer pressure dictate your life? I didn’t think so!

5. Read a book that inspires you to get out of your comfort zone, or read this blog, or join The Bootcamp Effect Facebook page for the daily inspirational quote.

6. Move, move, move, don’t sit at a desk for 5 hours, that body of yours is a movement machine.

7. Do random acts of kindness, or donate to charity, it makes you feel great knowing that you can make a difference in someone’s life. (Then do a little dance – that’s an energy expender)!

8. Dont pee yellow – yep, that means you’re dehydrated so drink more water and have it as clear as possible. (8 glasses a day is the going rate – yes that is a pain in the ass, but imagine when it is not a pain in the ass…ponder to the stars)

9. Get a coach like Dov Baron, this guy’s crazy, living on the edge, and making a difference in people’s lives. If you need a fitness coach – my Langley boot camp is a fun, positive results driven atmosphere.

10. Make change on a daily basis, small changes each day will lead to the big change.

11. Get a massage once a month, and if you can’t afford that get a foam roller and foam roll everyday, infact, get a foam roller and foam roll. Your knees, and back will thank you in particular. If you are not sure about foam rolling, shoot me a message or talk to me in person.

12. Dont watch the news – it’s so negative! Plus it puts you in a state of fear, anxiety and then you start to get in your life what you think of… So if your always thinking about the negative, your life will be negative! And never listen to negative people in your life (crabs)! Everytime I have acknowledged another individual’s negative thoughts or limitations, their thoughts, have pretty much become my reality….And that is truly stupid. Keep each day positive with a quote of the day. (Just throwing facebook in your face today).

13. You want to lose fat right? Commit to it with your eating habits. Be perfect during the week and allow some cheating on the weekend. This won’t happen over night either it takes months of good habits to make good bodies.

14. Find a peer group that is positive and looking to achieve similar goals. Get a great support network.

15. Set goals. Be specific 10lbs in 1 month = 2.5lbs per week = excellent nutrition and realistically 5x/week of exercise.

16. Just enjoy life – and why not have an active one….hiking, swimming, rollerblading, beach volleyball, basketball, football….(this also counts as one of your days of exercise), oh and paintballing counts too! There are talks about a beach volleyball get together on Saturdays for the bootcamp….I’ll keep you posted.

17. If you work out, work out hard = Make the most out of your hour!

18. Listen to good music, here’s my 5 favorite workout songs at the moment:`
black eyed peas – just cant get enough
shinedown – diamond eyes
kid rock – born free
eminem – almost famous
three days grace – lost in you

19. Dont ever think you are not good enough. Not good enough to start an exercise program…to want to have goals…to be who you truly are!

20. Less coffee, more green tea, less coffee, more tea! Say it with me.

21. Focus on each muscle as you work it, the mind body connection creates a better stimulus and will cause more muscle growth. More muscle growth equals higher metabolism equals more fat burned equals lean body.

22. Don’t be afraid of gaining as much muscle as you possibly can in your life. This should be your number 1 goal, see above for explanation.

23. Eat healthy! Natural foods that come from the earth and not a processer.

24. Never starve yourself, in fact eat small frequently – adopt the motto burn it off , not starve it off.

25. And repeat… Consistency. Dedication. Discipline. Results.

See you at bootcamp,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS