You Need To Ask Yourself This Question

interested or committed


interested or committed

This was Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday and I was in Victoria in an ice bath an hour before it snowed.

AKA I was working. Working on getting 1% better. Working on bringing down mental hurdles that could possibly stop me from growing my mindset.

See, most people are stuck when it comes to their fitness goals because of their mindset.

There’s nothing sexy about mindset.

It’s a battle everyday and most people don’t have the stomach for it.

You make excuses in the form of non-negotiables that you have to have in your day.

Excuses like:
That creamer in your coffee that you don’t need.
That cheese on your salad that you don’t need.
That crap drive through food you ate because you were hungry when you really could have gutted it out longer and made some real food. Ya, you don’t need that too.

Me, I’m in fighter jet mode at all times. How can I improve my fitness, how can I improve my nutrition, how can I improve my mindset…

Many of you know by now that I injured my bicep (from loading very heavy racks and 10,000lbs of rubber flooring into our new gym LVFiT, not from training)… And it’s been 2.5 months so far…

While I could have easily took this time to feel sorry for myself, (and something I may have done in the past)… I took it upon myself to work on my mindset.

And I do this by starting each day with a ice cold shower. It’s a decision that I have to make each day to do. I do this because it starts the day with a small win. Everyday I start off with a small win because small wins turn into medium wins and medium wins turn into big wins.

I could easily not turn that nozzle each morning and give in to weakness, but when you start to create a habit chain (which is over a month long), why the heck would I break it now?

See this was about making a weakness a strength. I’ve always been someone who runs cold, I get cold easily, wear a lot of layers. Heck, I don’t even sweat in most workouts. Lately I’ve been challenging the status quo and using the cold as an analogy to push my mindset forward.

What I am getting at here is you owe it to yourself to become the greatest grandest version of you that you were destined to become.

And it ain’t gonna come without hard work and some real discomfort.

You don’t have to start with an ice shower, but you can start with saying no to something you know isn’t benefitting you or your health and fitness goals.

Because in the end:

Are you interested or committed in this?

As I regularly sign off….