BEFIT is available for workshops and seminars on different topics regarding fat loss, exercise science, and nutrition.

Karen, Spencer and I recently ran a workshop for the Canada Post locations in Langley focusing on preventing and rehabbing injuries in the workplace such as back pain. As many individuals in our gym deal with similar workspace issues, I thought it prudent to share this info with you as well. So here is
Here’s a look back at our 24th Biggest Winner 12-week weight loss challenge! The goal for our participants is to lose 10% of their starting body weight within 12 weeks. This challenge is not just about dropping pounds quickly—it’s about developing lasting, healthy habits that will benefit them in the long run and help
You’re on a mission to whip yourself into the best shape of your life. You’ve dialed in your nutrition. You’re crushing those early morning workouts. You’re making serious steps forward towards your health and fitness goals. But the minute you bust out the tupperware filled with grilled chicken and broccoli, suddenly everyone’s got something