BEFIT is available for workshops and seminars on different topics regarding fat loss, exercise science, and nutrition.

The warm up is underrated because it’s more than just General Physical Preparedness (GPP) which is your standard warmup including movements like spiderman, goalie stretch, and jumping jacks that will get you ready for a general workout. Warmup sets as a whole are also highly underrated and people don’t use them to the fullest
The BEFIT FITNESS COMBINE is a performance-driven event held twice per year to show you just how strong you’ve gotten since training with us through a series of events that measure strength, power, athleticism, and endurance. We will be testing these every 6 months starting this Saturday March 25th @11:30am This is a members only
As a fitness professional, I see this all the time… People don’t want help until they want help. And I can tell you factually what would be the best thing to do but it’ll be ineffective for the most part. That is until YOU want it. That is until you connect with YOUR REASON WHY. So