BEFIT is available for workshops and seminars on different topics regarding fat loss, exercise science, and nutrition.

Results or Excuses, not both! I’ve had this saying on the gym wall since we’ve been open. That statement couldn’t be more true as it reflects on the interplay between effort and outcome, framing success as the result of intentional choices and sacrifices. So the phrase results or excuses, not both, serves as a
What do you want to achieve with your fitness? So many of us get caught up in paralysis by analysis thinking we have to learn more when doing more is the only answer. All you have to do is start with where you want to get too. Maybe it’s getting a 6 pack. Maybe it’s
If you have a weight loss goal, it’s a common thing to reduce the unhealthy food in your life. But one thing you absolutely do not want to do is starve yourself. See, what ends up happening is you’re motivated to lose weight so you drop the calories so low that you’re essentially starving