BEFIT is available for workshops and seminars on different topics regarding fat loss, exercise science, and nutrition.

Results or Excuses. This phrase has been on our wall since we moved into our current space in 2012. And as I’ve been saying going on 13+ years now, IT’S HOW BAD YOU WANT IT? Because if your health and fitness goal is important to you, you will make it a priority. Because it’s about
We’ve been running the 12 week weight loss challenge known as The Biggest Winner for 13 years now. With the guidance, structure and accountability from the BEFIT team, our focus is on applying nutrition, training, and weight loss principles consistently for 12 weeks amongst life’s ever-changing priorities and challenges, in a manner that these
North American society eats so much junk food that eating real food is considered dieting. I know. What a weird thing right. But if you think a little more about it, you know it to be true… For example, if you eat donuts and pancakes no one bats an eye, but eat a 6