BEFIT is available for workshops and seminars on different topics regarding fat loss, exercise science, and nutrition.

Gyms in BC have once again been given the GREENLIGHT to open. >>We KNOW that we are a part of the SOLUTION and not a part of the PROBLEM. >>We KNOW that our member’s MENTAL HEALTH improves with each visit at our FACILITY. >>We KNOW that using FITNESS as a vehicle to connect with
It’s always tough taking on a challenge from October through December as it’s not the ideal time for people to commit to a weight loss goal. As you know, these 12 weeks take us through thanksgiving, halloween, and the Christmas season. (I mean all I can think about right now is chocolate when I
We here at BEFIT take your warmup very seriously. Where most trainers or group fitness gyms may downplay the impact that a carefully crafted warmup may create, the team at BEFIT understands that this is the time where our coaching matters the most! That’s because it’s not just a warmup, it’s a RAMP UP!