Workout Buddies Rock

Originally posted January 21, 2011.

You heard me!

It’s great to have workout partners to help you through a tough workout. It’s like the greatest bond ever, well except going through war together..

Or family, but you get the point (it’s kind of like both).

The Saunders family circa 2009.

By far the times in my life when I had a solid workout partner were the times in my life when I was most fit and strong. So thanks to: Wes, Angus, Eric, Mike, Mark, Matt, Matt, Shaun, and Joel (my old workout buddies) for getting me through those tough lifts.

Here’s 5 reasons why workout buddies rock:

1. Accountability: In my experience, I know that not all people are amped to workout all the time. (Heck, I even have my moments). It’s pretty easy to find an excuse, some of these excuses are actually legitimate too. (But still excuses, and if you really wanted to get to the gym or bootcamp then you would make it happen). I read in a psychology book (not the best opening to a sentence ever) that we are good at letting ourselves slide, but we don’t like to let others down. Hence, having a workout buddy, a workout group, a bootcamp, or a personal trainer will remarkably increase the chance you wont skip a workout!

2. Camaraderie: BEFIT. is known for its great atmosphere, as working out with others or in a group setting provides friendly competition and a social aspect. It’s nice to have that person to race or push each class (you can race them formally or just compete with them in your head!)

3. Friendships: I’ve seen a few BEFIT. members make friendships which have turned into walking together, frisbee, soccer, haircuts, and even chocolate making classes outside of sessions. Most people that join a bootcamp live close, have similar interests, and then there’s the feeling of “going to war together,” like when you took on Count on Me or The 100’s Fitness Challenge. You will also all revel in those feel good endorphins after a workout and start to associate good feelings with these people (geez, that psych book had a lot of good facts ;)) I too found that most of my best friends through the years were the ones willing to lift some weight with me on a regular basis.

4. Intensity: (The 4 syllable word I like to use a lot lately). I like to call it The Human Will To Impress or Group Dynamics 101 – it’s all sociology and the animal in us that likes to show the group our pretty peacock feathers (err. that was from an animal behaviour class – yes we are animals!) Bottom line, no one wants to be last, so we bust our butt to stay with the group or even beat the group. I know from my heavy squatting days that I would never push myself as hard by myself as when someone was watching. It’s nice to know I can always count on my ego and quest to be the best to help me add a level of intensity in any sort of group competition (almost to the point of crazy Josh…)

5. Fun: Definitely one of the most prevalent comments I receive from BEFIT. members and friends that train in groups! When I do 1 on 1 personal training, I never hear how fun a workout was…Never! The fun factor is inherit to the success of your health and fitness goals. Fun makes things effortless, fun turns the pain factor down. It is fun to be with a group of people, it is fun to be with friends, crazy trainers, and pushing your body and your mental capacity to the limit. I have found very very few people that stick with a workout program alone or long term. The P90x is a great fitness program, but I know that most people will not stick with it, and it will end up in the closet or under the bed.

So, I encourage everyone to find a group fitness program they love and stick with it and reap the benefits.

Group fitness is something that people stick with long term (the average lifetime of a BEFIT. member is 1 year). So have fun, and thanks to all who provided the inspiration behind this blog post.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders

P.s. Want 20 workout buddies to choose from? BEFIT. has plenty (or you can even bring your own). What’s that old saying? Oh ya…Strength in Numbers!