Why gym owners should follow their own program and why you should choose BEFIT.

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Why is this important and why do some gym owners not do this?

What would be their reasoning???

To me, the reason gym owners follow their own program is that they believe in their programming. So if you don’t believe in your own programming, you are going to follow somebody else’s…

If you believe your programming is going to produce the results that you are intending to produce or do, you should be following your own programming.

It’s really hard to ask your members to do something that you don’t do. Therefore, I don’t program anything on that whiteboard that I don’t fully plan on doing right beside you (barring modifications due to injury, hey life happens…).

I’ve been doing the BEFIT workouts consistently now for the past 7 years…

This is what I choose to do, this is what gets results.

It goes back to when I was a personal trainer at Langley Events Centre, the year I started The Bootcamp Effect (now BEFIT), I would watch other personal trainers giving their clients exercises they would never do themselves. Then I would see these trainers in the gym later on working out doing squats and bench press, and then when they were personal training clients it was this entertrainment agility ladder crap or standing on a bosu ball…

Look I get it, theres a right stimulus for the right person, with specific needs, but these are not the meat and potatoes of the workout.

The big thing, the programming….

It’s like a restaurant owner that doesnt eat his own food. If you are not taking your own classes you are not taking your own product and what you’re essentially saying is my product that I give you is not good enough for me, so I’m going to go elsewhere for it…

We lead from the front at BEFIT. I encourage all my performance coaches to work out in the sessions when they are not training you.

We don’t coach you through anything, we don’t do ourselves.

langley gym, langley personal trainers, personal training

So if you want to be part of a community of coaches who lead from the front and are compassionate and caring, and have visible results from the same workouts that you do, then you can see if our workouts are a good fit for you here.

And if you’re already a current member and ripping it up on the daily, we appreciate you, your commitment to your health and fitness, and your contribution to the amazing group energy and culture at our gym.

And whether you’re a current member or thinking about getting started, if you’re ready to take on a 12 week challenge designed to take your mindset, habits, and consistency to the next level, then our 12 week Biggest Winner challenge may be for you.

You can read more about that here.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, (proud owner)
And the BEFIT team
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