Why are you so afraid to suck?

screenshot of befit video

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is so afraid to suck at things these days?

With the social media eye on us all, it’s no wonder…

So, I’m here to say, it’s no big deal. In fact, it’s a highly effective way of making progress as we can then work on our weaknesses void of our fragile ego getting in the way.

Speaking of sucking, here’s a look at my first video for The Bootcamp Effect back in 2010 (hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere). As you can see this is far from the service you experience now, but it’s all we had and we made the best of it.

P.s. Look how I dressed! I’ll thank Karen for those improvements…

This kind of training may have played in 2010 as it was rare to find an indoor bootcamp, but it would definitely not play in today’s competitive market.

Here’s my self assessment of this video and time:

  • Great energy and engagement in sessions.
  • Questionable knowledge of fitness based on the movements.

But the thing about sucking at something is you work on it, you get better, and then you post your next video in 2012 when you have a gym to call your own…

See this looked a little better!!!

Self assessment of this video:

  • Why was I in so many shots doing the exercises? This is about you not me.
  • It’s looking more like a professional environment. Exercise selection has definitely improved!

I edited and cut the above 2 videos. But then it was 2014 and we needed a new video to represent our gym as the brand had evolved and the space had tripled since the last video. This is where I enlisted the services of our former admin, the man, the myth, the legend, the Jon Johnson, to film, edit and work his magic on gym video 3.0.

As you can see “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue makes its 3rd consecutive appearance. (Hey when you find something that works…)

Self assessment of this video:

  • Good story telling with the warmup and explanation shots
  • Nice wide selection of exercises.
  • Improved level of training.
  • We were definitely not as good with coaching technique back then as we are now.

This sets the stage for 2019.
The digital world has taken over.
Attention spans are on the minimum.
Instant imagery is everywhere with video being the primary medium of choice.
It’s time for a shorter, professional, updated video to rep our community!
So this time we enlist the help of a video production company to give the gym a 2019 look!
(Plus we call ourselves BEFIT now, so ya maybe we should update that…)

Self assessment:

  • Exercise execution is way better than the previous editions.
  • We shot this video in one day over 2 time slots so it doesn’t have the cross-section of exercises and individuals that the last video has (it’s a little upper body dominant as it was on an upper body day).
  • I’m concerned that it is not inviting to beginners and focusses too much on advanced barbell movements which look good on camera.
  • I don’t like how the trainers are in the shots exercising (even though they look great), I would have preferred it if the trainers just did the personal training and coaching (but we needed to add in some additional movements that weren’t in the workout to balance out the video).

Hopefully you find this latest video the best! And hopefully, you don’t give up on yourself when you aren’t that great at something. We are all works in progress in everything that we do. And to be honest, you can’t actually say you suck at something unless you work on it everyday for at least a month. Then you can honestly be like, ya I suck at this… But the thing is, if you just keep putting in thoughtful practice daily while remembering what is most important, you will improve.

Committed to our growth,
Josh Saunders

P.s. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Which video did you like best? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Post your comments below!