White Rock Breakfast Nightmare

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t you dare skip it or you will be setting yourself up to be a FAT STORING MACHINE.

So Should you eat before a workout? Heck yes!
If you don’t, what will power you through that intense dumbbell swing or 30 second sprint?

Do yourself a favor, and stop believing this old myth about burning the most fat in the morning on an empty stomach!

The theory behind empty stomach cardio is simple: supposedly, by doing cardio on a empty stomach, you tap directly into fat stores since glycogen (carbohydrate) stores are somewhat depleted after an overnight fast.
Seems to make sense, but research has proven this to be wrong.
Several studies have shown no difference in substrate utilization (glycogen vs. fat) for those working out on an empty stomach vs. those who eat a small meal prior to their morning workouts.
In fact, one study showed the exact opposite—those who had a small meal first burned more calories and more fat than the empty stomach group.

How can this be?

The reason is rather simple if you think about it. When you are well fed, you have more energy to kick a$$ in your workout, and on an empty stomach you’ll be dragging your feet with some possible stomach growling. So, as you see, the major trade off is performance.

And better performance = more calories burned = more fat loss = improved cardiovascular functioning = even better performance = even more calories burned = even more fat loss.

So eat your breakfast!!!!!!!!! especially if you workout at morning bootcamp!!!!!

With that said, here are 4 breakfast foods you should avoid….

You knew this was coming! Whether frosted, cream filled, or glazed, doughnuts are not the way to start your day. The mere imagery of a doughnut makes me think of a thick layer of icing. Leave doughnuts for the cops or Homer Simpson.

Cereals for Kids
I know you never want to grow up, and are still a kid at heart, and thus you still eat your favorite cereal (aka Cocoa Krispies for me!). Unfortunately, these cereals haven’t evolved over the years and are just as unhealthy as ever. These cereals are actually more sugary and full of artificial flavors. So if you and the kids, (if you have kids), are eating those cereals still, then it is time for a change. Instead look at oatmeal or a cereal with 4 grams of fiber and less than 4 grams of sugar, and if you’re eating oatmeal sprinkle some flax seed in there!!!!

Energy Bars
These should be eaten right before or after a workout, as they are loaded with fat and calories and you are going to have to work your arse off if you want to burn these off. Remember, these bars were popularized by people trying to gain weight! If you are choosing bars, make sure you read the label! Anyhow, energy bars are more of a snack, not a breakfast, and have never seemed like a full meal to me!

Breakfast on the Go
You know what I am talking about…McDonald’s breakfast…that nice little cafe with the homemade sausage breakfast sandwich… Tim Horton’s breakfast bagel…. And don’t even think that the orange juice is real if you know what I mean. Real juice does not get dispensed through a tube. I know these are delicious, but you can make the same at home with a whole wheat bun, a leaner choice of meat (not bacon or sausage), and your in business.

Thanks and may all your breakfast be hearty!

Josh Saunders

The Bootcamp Effect