When eating real food is considered dieting

North American society eats so much junk food that eating real food is considered dieting.

I know. What a weird thing right.

But if you think a little more about it, you know it to be true…

For example, if you eat donuts and pancakes no one bats an eye, but eat a 6 egg omelette for breakfast and everyone starts looking at you funny.

I used to go to a breakfast place in Langley and had my own custom order with 6 eggs and chicken and it was called the No-fun omelette.

Can you believe that?

Just because I didn’t get the toast, the sour cream, the salsa, or the deep fried hashbrowns (I was still eating breakfast potatoes though)…

It’s so crazy that the North American diet was meant to put you in a North American hospital for North American health care so you can buy North American pharma drugs.

But you’re not like everyone else.

You’re reading this blog so you care about your health and fitness.

You may have some bad habits from time to time, but you’re seeking improvement in this part of your life.


  • If you want to gain weight you have to be in a calorie surplus for the week.
  • If you want to lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit for the week regardless of which diet you’re on.

And with nutrition, there’s really only 3 diets to choose from:

  1. Calorie restriction (counting calories)
  2. Dietary restriction (eliminating unhealthy foods or macros like carbs or protein)
  3. Time restriction (like fasting – works better for men)

Pick the one that feels the least restrictive to you so it doesn’t stress you out.

For example, I pick the dietary restriction option.
I’ve been doing it for a long time leaving time for cheat meals on the weekend so it doesn’t feel restrictive while keeping me in maintenance numbers so I maintain my bodyweight.

Real life example:
Let’s say to maintain my bodyweight, I can eat 2700 cals/day on a weekly average. (170lbs x 16)

Monday – 2000 cals
Tuesday – Friday 2400 cals/day
Saturday – 5000 cals
Sunday – 2300 cals

The total calories consumed in the week are 18,900 and divided by the 7 days that equals 2700 calories averaged/day.

Exactly what I need to maintain my bodyweight!

Try it out for yourself!

Most people will be bodyweight x 10-12 for weight loss (don’t go lower than this as it’s bad long term, losing muscle, bone density, etc)

Most people will be bodyweight x 14 for maintenance (maintaining your bodyweight).

But even still, there are some foods which I will never have like ice cream, dessert, that kind of stuff… There’s just no nutrients what so ever that I can’t justify eating this food. That’s the if it fits your macros style of eating…

So if you’re ready to make some change:

  • Pick one of the above “diets” and stop eating like everyone else.
  • It’s not a motivation thing, it’s a discipline thing.
  • The hard work you put in the gym is gained or lost in the kitchen.
  • You’ve got this!


Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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