What’s Your Resolution: A look back at 2010

It’s that time of the year to reflect on all the triumphs, tribulations, lessons, and joys from the year and to make your action plan for the upcoming year.

Over the post, I hope to give you an insight as to my goal setting process for 2011, so that you may do something similar for your personal and professional goals.

So ask yourself the tough question! Put together timelines on your future goals and hold yourself accountable to them…or email me, and I’ll keep you accountable to them, by let’s say, if you don’t get something done, then you have to eat dog food and have it posted on my blog. Now that’s motivation!

Oh, you'll care if you have to eat dog food on the internet.

Here’s my positives for 2010:

– I survived my first year in business!
– Met some really great people ( a lot of these people just happen to be in my bootcamp ;))
– Received way more compliments this year than in the last few years.
– Donated a nice sum to charity – what a thing to do, considering the last few years I have been broke ass poor and scraping by.
– Found my passion (seriously, this doesn’t feel like work to me, I love the great attitudes and energy that is brought to bootcamp by my members and I appreciate your commitment to you!
– Learned much more about fitness this year. And lit the spark to learn even more. To be honest, when I first started in the fitness industry, I didn’t think there was much to it. Now I am hell bent on learning as much as possible and becoming the best in the industry – which means you guys get better results, and can jump buildings in a single bound.

– Getting really efficient at writing workouts (this was the hardest thing for me in the beginning (writing out different themed workouts), and now it always seems like I have a great idea. Here’s some recent ones… ho ho hold, miracle on 34th, or Reindeer games. (And then there’s always input and ideas from my bootcampers which is also highly appreciated :).
– Totally got over that smidgeon of nervousness that may have been there when talking to groups
– Hired 2 trainers. Thanks guys, I appreciate your commitment and love what you bring to the bootcamp team.
– Came up with the idea for a TV show, wrote it, copyrighted it, and have got interest in people wanting to help me make it.
– Partnered up with some amazing people to give greater value to my bootcamp members and catapult them to their best…A dietician, a chiropractor, and all the amazing action takers who want to work with me now and in the future – you know who you are.
– Scheduled Shaw TV to film bootcamp next month – this one’s all Krystine, our morning trainer, what a beauty.
– And lastly, Shaun, you motherf$&K@, thanks for helping me run the bootcamps, demo exercises, and haul equipment from the car when I was in that cast for 2 months. You saved The Bootcamp Effect.

Here’s my negatives:

– I’ll stay positive and keep taking action for 2011 and with that said, here are my:

2011 Goals:

– 100 bootcamp members (a lofty goal, and no this won’t dilute your bootcamp experience, and you will all get all the “me time” that you can stand
– Get a complimentary massage for all bootcamp members thru a local massage therapist
– Become a weekly columnist for a local newspaper
– Open up an indoor bootcamp and wellness studio, so that I can give you the most amazing workout experience ever (October 2011)
– TOP SECRET (Expect this in August 2011), all I can tell you at this point is that it will be fun!
– Put more time into marketing (getting the word out about this great group!)
– Hit 200lbs and be at the same body fat. (Currently 184lbs at 10%) (December 2011)
– Write 1 blog/week
– Work on my book and have it ready for editing by the end of 2011 – Thanks for the inspiration Lori!
– Get my tv show optioned, and picked up by a network
– Start filming an exercise catalogue of all the exercises used in the bootcamp that can be used as a training manual for bootcamp trainers and members.
– Do another charity event (August 2011)
– Start the bootcamp challenge of the month (January 2011)

Well, that is what I have amassed so far. I believe that sums up to be a fantastic 2011 and the best of my 20 odd years. If you have any thoughts or feedback or would like to keep me accountable, I am all ears.

And if this post has given you ideas on how you can make 2011 your best year and want help building your list or want to be kept accountable, then feel free to message me.

Life is too short, get it the way you want, and start creating your ideal life.

All the best on Your New Year,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect