What’s your Fitness IQ

Many of you know this via this site, bootcamp or by any other fitness medium. Making better nutrition choices will get you much better fat loss results.

Great nutrition summarized looks like this:

  …after observing hundreds of people at bootcamp effect, I have come to the conclusion that there is another element less spoken of which is the x-factor in your results. That x-factor is your “Fitness IQ” (your Intensity Quotient).

Your body essentially adapts specifically to the imposed demand of which you put on it. If you are giving it 20lb weights to adapt to, it will adapt to the shape a body does to lift 20lb weights, if you give it 80lb weights to adapt to, that’s a lot of lean muscle that the body has to have. Lean muscle = high metabolism = high fat burn.

If you combine the 2… Great nutrition + Intensity, the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately, most people do not work out with enough intensity. Can you honestly say that you are working out at maximum intensity?

If you are participating in The Biggest Winner this year, I have a sheet for you to fill out your intensity with each workout, so that you can correlate it with your fat loss results.

100% Intensity is gasping. It is unable to talk to anyone, it is short of breath, but still pushing along, it is making a face, gritting your teeth when you are lifting. It is focusing on your breathing to solidify your core.

Workouts can be written for high intensity interval training, but it is the individual, it is you that is the ultimate factor. Look deep within yourself to find why do you workout.

Is it so you can play with your kids?
Is it so you can look better for your husband or wife?
Is it to avoid type 2 diabetes?
Is it because you always wanted to be a superhero?

Find your inner fire and keep that with you on every workout, every set, every rep.

Don’t bs me and especially don’t bs yourself with this is your best crap. If you can speak with me during a rep, that is not your best, if you are not short of breath on a cardio burst, that is not your best.

It doesn’t have to be the entire workout. 5-10 mins at bootcamp of pure lights out might be enough for now. Every bit of focus, every bit of muscle fiber that you have should leave you on the ground gasping, wondering how a 2 minute rest period went by so fast.

Just do it.

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect