What’s YOUR favorite Exercise?


Here at bootcamp, we do a lot of different exercises. I mean, a lot… We delve into the best of functional training, crossfit, bootcamp, and bodybulding to give you a melting pot of exercises designed to melt fat. It really is quite a nice little collection of exercises that I find works great for balancing out muscle imbalances, and giving you that anaerobic and aerobic workout, building muscle and burning fat – you know the holy grail more popularized as the term “toned”.

So, my question to you, now that you’ve done quite a few exercises at bootcamp…

What exercise would you do if you could only do 1 exercise for the rest of your life?

There are a few factors to consider….

Which exercise will get you the best results?
Which exercise is using the most muscle groups?
Which exercise is the funnest?
Josh, this is a stupid question that I don’t want to answer!

All good questions…. (or comments).

But really, when we look at a weird, hypothetical question such as this, it all boils down to which exercise you would actually just do… Because the best exercise is the one that you are going to do!

For me to answer such a question from an exercises science background, for results and for maximum muscle groups used, I would say thruster as it works the lower body with the front squats movement and the upper body (with the push press movement) and can be used to build overall strength and muscle with reps less than 12, as well as work your aerobic energy system (think classic cardio) with a lighter weight for an extended period of time.

Here’s a great demo of a thruster:

Many individuals could also make the argument for deadlifts as it works the posterior chain, which is great for building muscle in our hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back (which helps with posture).

Here’s a great demo of a deadlift:

But, really, if it came down to my favorite exercise, pullups would be an easy answer. Damn, I’m just glad we don’t have to actually follow through on this question. I love the bootcamp workouts!

So I posted this question on the facebook page a couple of weeks ago and have got a lot of responses. Here are the updated totals to date, feel free to add your favorite below and I will update the totals as we go:

  1. Deadlifts – 5
  2. Back squat – 4
  3. Bench press – 4
  4. Pullups – 3
  5. Running – 3
  6. Burpees – 2
  7. Squats – 2
  8. Box jumps – 2
  9. Boxing – 2
  10. Sit-ups – 2
  11. Biking – 2
  12. 1 arm rows – 1
  13. Ropes – 1
  14. Bicep curls – 1
  15. Situps with mb throw – 1
  16. Burpee pull-up toes to bar – 1
  17. Sled push – 1
  18. Rowing – 1
  19. Animal movements – 1
  20. Thruster – 1

Thanks for playing.

Keep Moving,
Josh Saunders
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