What’s up with The Bootcamp Effect?

What’s up with The Bootcamp Effect?

The Bootcamp Effect is growing, redefining, and growing, and the team is learning and dedicated to becoming that inch better every day. You may ask better…better at what?

We want to be better at anything that will help our members (family) get the best training results. Whether that be more inches, more weight, less stress, and/or more happiness. That’s our goal. So, as a group we’ve been out and about working on training, rehab, nutrition, coaching, and everything that encompasses the umbrella that is training you.

Here’s a look at what the team is working on these days:

Josh – In September, I went to England to learn under, in my opinion, the world’s best trainer (Dax Moy), and begun my journey in getting certified as a kinetic chain specialist. After taking part in level 1 and 2 courses in London, this month, I am reviewing the information, and putting together systems in preparation to offer kinetic chain assessments at The Bootcamp Effect. Kinetic Chain Assessments are vital to finding out the muscle imbalances in an individual’s body, as any imbalances tend to bring about nagging compensatory injuries. I want to know how to fix everyone’s nagging injuries, whether it be a nagging shoulder injury that has had countless professionals confused (I know how to fix it now by they way ;)), or fix the discomfort of countless members lower back pain caused by too much sitting in their daily lives (the body was not designed to be sitting!) Stretch more please!

Karen – Asides from managing the mounds of paperwork at the gym. The question of are you a trainer and what class do you teach, may finally be answered as Karen is nearing completion of the personal training certification.  Karen will be looking at taking on the challenge as a personal trainer and with the bootcamp program for kids that is tentatively scheduled for January.

Krystine – Krystine is presently doing the nutrition certification program with Precision Nutrition, a certification designed for the elite fitness professional that delves into the art and science of nutrition coaching. Once certified Krystine will be taking BE Nutrition to the next level.

Kurt – completed Crossfit level 1 to hone his skils with the big technical lifts such as deadlifts, overhead squats, and cleans. My discussions with him have given me ideas of what we could develop the bootcamp into in the future (see below).

All this will push The Bootcamp Effect forward as we settle into our new home at unit 108 20530 on the Langley Bypass.

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Not your Average Bootcamp

BE Elements and BE Elite

What is that?

One of my core values with this business is a constant and never ending improvement to our service and there is no better way to prove that than to see it faciliate in your results. We have a widely diverse group now from true beginners to bootcamp all stars to members of our armed forces to cancer survivors.

Its quite a group, and every day I wake up and think about, and work on improving this functional training center so that everything flows for you on your journey.

Note: Flowing will take effort. Effort is momentus. Briiiiiiing it.

What this means for you…

The Bootcamp Effect will be launching BE Elements and BE Elite. BE Elements will be what most members will start with. It’s focus is on fat loss, common muscular imbalances, form, and prevention of injury. In effect, it is very similar to what our bootcamp sessions are now without a lot of the crazy exercises we have thrown at you in the past (there of course will still be rope climbs, sled pushes, and tire flips…) When you feel you are ready to progress to the next level, the always changing and dynamic BE Elite program will be there for you. This will be an advanced training program that will run concurrently alongside The Bootcamp Effect in all timeslots. On one side of the white board will be the workout of the day for the Elements, and on the other side of the board will be the workout for the Elite…And yes, I have figured out how logistically it will all work smoothly. Now, it is my hope that this 1 month test run is proven as successful as I think it will be, and it is my hope that over time, you all will be able to progress into the BE Elite level. I have found that with our growing population of members, I am doing you all a diservice by grouping you together (even with progressions and regressions). It is not leaving the members that are new the time with the trainer that they need. With BE Elite you will have a more competitive based training program for bootcamp members that seek competition and at the greatest intensity.

Want to BE Elite?

You will only be permitted to participate in these workouts if you meet the baseline criteria. You will have to meet all the criteria or you will not be able to participate in these workouts – no exceptions! It is for your safety and long term benefit. We need to build a solid foundation before we throw the gauntlet at you! Everyone always wants to run with this fitness thing, and you cant run, without walking effectively first. In addition, if someone is experiencing nagging injury like a knee or a shoulder, they will be moved to the elements workouts until they have safely rehabilitated the issue in question. Having dealt with chronic pain for the last 3 years, this is without a doubt one of the smartest things I have done with your training (and all it required was a double sided whiteboard and a bigger facility).

With BE Elite, we want the standard high and we want you to be able to participate injury free in this program. So strength, stability, mobility and cordination are of vital importance in these workouts. Of course, if you find the workouts too intense, you may always do the BE elements workout of the day. You are certainly welcome to do that. They after all, are still very challenging and progressive workouts.

Here’s the criteria for BE Elite…All must be performed with me and done with perfect form – if you do not pass on 1 or 2 of these criteria, work on it, come back, and pass it. Just a note, at this point, I would not put myself in the BE Elite group, because I would fail the overhead squat test due to inflexibility, and injury to the adductor, lower back, and shoulder. (Note: it’s all connected…stretch!!!)

BE Elite Foundations

  • 1 min plank with dowel and 3 points of contact
  • pullups (women) at least 1 with palms facing away from your body
  • pullups (men) at least 5 with palms facing away from your body
  • overhead squats with dowel  (10 reps)
  • kb swings (60 continuous secs)
  • split squat to shoulder press (10 reps each side)
  • wall balls above the line (10 reps)
  • 5 pushups (women)
  • 20 pushups (men) (I will be watching for winged scapula)
  • 10 med ball cleans
  • 10 1 leg deadlifts each side
  • deadlifts 5 reps 95lbs women 135lbs men

As you can see, the list exhibits strength, technique, coordination, and flexibility, we need to know you can perform advanced exercises safely before we set you loose.

I have put in a crazy amount of time learning and thinking about making our gym better. I know you will BE better because of it.

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Ahh my back hurts from sitting, time to go do some foam rolling stretch and activate those small, boring muscles, that always seem to be neglected.

Commited to your results,
Josh Saunders

P.s. BE Elements & BE Elite starts November 1st. Find me before that time to see if you qualify and see where you stand, I’ll give you some corrective work so that you can pass all criteria.

P.p.s On another note, Friday 6:30pm will be back starting November 1st. I repeat Friday 6:30pm will be back starting November 1st.

P.p.p.s. At The Bootcamp Effect, we love our Bootcamp Socials, and so we couldn’t let the Halloween season slip by without a social. Thus Saturday October 27th, if you don’t have plans already, please put a costume on and join us around 8pm at 6920 190st in Clayton Heights.