What should happen in Vegas.

Also known as what happens in Vegas Stays at Bootcamp!

Hey folks,

I’m committed to becoming one of the best fitness professionals in the world so I am constantly investing in my education. (Which means you will always be up to date on the best information in nutrition, training, and equipment that any bootcamp in Langley, Surrey, and BC will offer).

And my latest educational experience took me to the National Strength and Conditioning Assosciation’s Personal Trainers Conference in Las Vegas.

Now Vegas is not an environment condusive to health and fitness to say the least.

So I figured I’d put together a to-do list for you based on my experience this Friday the 13th weekend in Vegas:

In a city where Starbucks seems healthy here is my top 13 things I learned in Vegas:

1. Walk from the Premium Outlets South to the strip (approx. $22 cab ride saved)…who does this!? On the way, find a sign you never knew was there…BECAUSE NO ONE would walk this far to the strip!!!

I’m estimating this was 2.5 miles and after walking a mall all I could think was…Tough Mudder is 4x this distance. Listen, when you can see Mandalay Bay in your sights, you don’t stop till you get to Mandalay!

2. Don’t take escalators, always 2-step the stairs.

3. Don’t visit the strip till your 3rd day in Vegas (not counting actually staying on a hotel on the strip).

4. Work out 6x in one day during a seminar including numerous bootcamp, functional training, and active resistance sessions. It was a good thing they had foam rollers lying around for us to use.

5. Compete in a suspension training challenge

That reads:
1 – Medicine Ball Seated Slams 6 each side (30lb guys/ 15lb girls)
2 – TRX Suspended Rows 12
3 – Med ball shake and Burpee 12
4 – TRX 1 leg squat 12 each side
5 – Med ball slams 12 (30lbs guys/ 15lbs girls)
6 – TRX atomic pushups 12
7 – TRX hamstring curls with hip bridges 12 each side
8 – TRX 1 arm row with kettlebell press (30lbs guys/ 15lbs girls)

6. Go to PF Changs (great gluten free reasonably priced restaurant on the strip inside Planet Hollywood).

7. Go there twice.

8. Dont go here.

Way too much sugar!

9. At all restaurants, if possible, order lettuce wraps.

10. Do anaerobic intervals in the wave pool at Mandalay which involves a quick freestyle burst to body surf a wave, followed by a run back into the water. If you feel silly doing this. Just think to yourself…Baywatch did this. And they were popular!

11. Do some isometrics (contraction training) by hugging a palm tree!

12. Always stand when playing roulette 😉

13. Drink conservatively and responsibly.

That wasn’t mine.

And in the words of Tim Tebow’s personal trainer Loren Landow (who was at the seminar)…Progress slow, do things right before fast and build a good foundation that will keep you injury free!

Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

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