Wednesday – Row Row Row Your Boat – January 2019 (TIS THE SEASON OF FITNESS)

Coaching Notes:

See if you can keep your rows/bikes consistent times through the 8 rounds, you want to be able to maintain performance. If you find you can’t, you are going to hard in the rounds at the beginning. It’s hard on your nervous system if you are pushing yourself so hard that you can sustain your efforts.

If you have exercised with us already on Monday and Tuesday, this does not have to be a 100% effort workout for you.

It’s ok to put an 80% effort in here and see if you can pace it across the 8 rounds.

This is an ideal workout to work on breathing while in the row/bike and especially in the plank (diaphragm breathing is inhaling and having the stomach expand, and exhaling with the stomach collapsing). If you are not doing that, you will get so much benefit from focussing on this (both core stability wise and endurance wise).

The 2nd exercise will decrease as you fatigue, do your best to maintain it. Don’t worry if you can’t.