Wednesday – Filthy 50 Part II – November 2018 (REMEMBRANCE)

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We did the Filthy 50 over 5 years ago!!! The first time we performed this workout, I was just able to string double unders together… So taking this from experience, this is a great finish to this workout if you are just learning them, as it will take your heart rate through the roof! Try not to hold your breath here and take your time. You have more than enough time to finish this and QUALITY ALWAYS COMES BEFORE QUANTITY!

Break up reps as you see fit. There are some exercises where you absolutely can do 50 in a row of them, while other exercises would be unwise to go 50 in a row. Since everyone has different strengths, we will let you figure this out for yourself!

Tweaking the workout… You don’t have to do all fundamentals, all fitness, or all befit. If you are capable of doing something, take your time and grind through it! Training is about being challenged, learning new skills, and building a foundation while listening to your body (in the same vain, don’t do something if it isn’t right for you).

Exercise Index:
Jumping Pullups