Want to Get In Shape and Lose 10lbs For Free?

Now that I got your attention…

As you know, I offer referral incentives (which just happens to be a great way for us to help each other out)!
After all, who wouldn’t want to have bootcamp/group personal training for free?

Now, you know that word of mouth is the ultimate marketing method! In a world full of scams and “get rich quick” schemes, people feel safer getting told about a service from someone who has experienced it first hand with success.

And I appreciate these referrals so much that I discount your next month of bootcamp by 50%. Plus if you refer 2 people to bootcamp in 1 month, your next month is free! What could be better than helping a friend lose 10lbs and saving some money?

Remember, the success of The Bootcamp Effect is dependent on the hard work and great atmosphere created by the members, so please try to refer only positive people looking to improve their health and fitness! (No energy vampires please).

Here are some tips to referring people to bootcamp:

  • I have $50 gift cards that you can hand out. You may take as many of these as you want. I usually have a pile of them with me at every class. This gift card entitles a new member to try out The Bootcamp Effect risk free for 1 week before they decide to commit.
  • Send out an email to your contact list explaining the bootcamp you have joined and that you would love to have some them join you! Tell them they get a free session to try it out (or a free week if you give them the gift card).
  • Post on your facebook status. Mention you just got back from a great morning workout. Add a link in there to the website, so they know where to go.
  • Join The Bootcamp Effect Facebook group by clicking here and invite people to join the group with the link at the top left corner of the page – This is huge!!!
  • Forward The Bootcamp Effect Newsletter to all your friends or get them to sign up for it and get a free fat loss report here.
  • Put a link to The Bootcamp Effect’s site on your website.
  • Grab some fliers from me and post them at your work, apartment complex, or club. Challenge your friends to see if they can hang with you at bootcamp.
  • Imagine yourself referring 10 people, and getting the next 5 months of bootcamp free!!!! Now make it happen!


Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS

Langley Fitness Professional

Disclaimer: We appreciate all your referrals. Unfortunately, we no longer offer referral incentives at this time. Instead we focus our time and energy on providing you with the best equipment, experience, and education that makes us so much more than a bootcamp.