Tuesday – Afterburn Part II – November 2018 (REMEMBRANCE)

befit bootcamp workout

Part A is baseline testing and it is a repeat from 6 months ago!

In part A, it’s not as much about going non stop for 3 minutes, rather, it’s about gauging your physical and psychological tolerance to fatigue. If you are a person of the mind that won’t enjoy doing a max chinup lockoff for 35 secs then resting for 2:25 sec then please do the fundamentals. Just realize, by doing this (and not taking the rest), you are not setting yourself up to build strength in that movement. Doing something for 3 minutes straight is pure muscle endurance.

We have kept your sheets from 6 months ago, so please right in the same week next to your previous number. Don’t beat yourself up if your numbers are slightly lower than week 4 from 6 months ago. There are many variables to consider from stress, sleep, your consistency in the gym, injuries, and how much we have trained you in that specific movement.

All you can do is your honest best effort and go from there.

Exercise Index:
Blastoff Pushup
Band Resisted Pullup