Why Choose BEFIT?

A Group Personal Training Experience Like No Other:


We’re constantly reinventing the way group fitness is done while staying true to our core values providing you with fun, functional and cutting edge workouts appropriate to your experience and ability.


We’ve been in business since 2010 and have built an amazing community of like-minded people with similar goals taking on obstacle courses, hikes, charity work, and new challenges together.


With multiple coaches and 3 levels in every workout, we deliver a personal training experience by scaling exercises for ability, providing modifications for injury and offering professional tips and tricks to your fitness and nutrition so that you can maximize your time in the gym.


We never forget why you walked through our doors. Whether it be fat loss, strength, muscle building or conditioning, we have years of members achieving their health and fitness goals and are excited to help you with yours.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone who has been training for years, we have the coaching and experience that is right for you wherever you are on your health and fitness journey.

We know how to get YOU results.

(Awarded as the best health and fitness provider in Langley by readers of The Langley Advance for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.)

And if you’re ready, we can help you kickstart your body and mind to better health and fitness.


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** Located at #108-20530 Langley Bypass (behind Kal Tire) **


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“Flashback 5 years and I’d put myself in a pretty deep hole. Tipping the scales at an unhealthy 270lbs, battling depression and injuries from too many bad life choices I decided to get myself back on track. I tried working with a personal trainer. Personal training did not work for me. I ended up with someone trying to plug me into a workout routine comparable to the highest level of BEFIT workouts. This was discouraging as mobility and conditioning was not addressed first and it put me off working out entirely for awhile. So I decided to start running. Did the Sun Run a couple times and Tough Mudder a couple times and pushed myself to do a half marathon. I think I got myself down to about 240lbs before walking in the door of BEFIT 18 months ago.

I still remember my first BEFIT session. I thought even with my conditioning from long slow distance running, but no strength training, that I would be fine. I was wrong. At the end of the first class I was white as a ghost and close to passing out (beginners don’t be discouraged by that statement, I could barely get through a sit-up as well). Each and every day after that for 15 months I slowly progressed through the first 2 levels of BEFIT programming and have now been challenging myself on the advanced BEFIT workouts for the last 3 months or so. So why does BEFIT work for me? Like most people I’m busy and I have more than enough to worry about throughout the day (and evening) with coworkers, customers, associates, competitors etc. that I just don’t have the time to piece together workouts that are fresh, challenging and keep me engaged. All I have to do is pick a time slot, show up, put in work and progress. BE is a fast paced, jam packed hour long workout.

This is different from other gyms I’ve experienced where most of the people there are just sitting around monopolizing equipment and taking selfies for their Tinder profiles. Nobody has time to deal with that nonsense. I’m a goal driven individual and once I reach my goals I set new ones. If you discuss your personal goals with the coaches at BEFIT they will work with you to reach your goals. Josh helped me to shave 15mins off of my half marathon time by restructuring my workout regime. I don’t look back on where I was 5 years ago as a bad thing. I made lots of mistakes to get there but learning from mistakes is a natural part of growth. I’ve learned a lot on my journey and I’m now more vigilant now with my diet, exercise, the people I allow in my life and the situations I allow myself to be in. The hardest thing ahead of me now will be finding a new gym when I move (or convincing Josh to open another location).

So what are you waiting for? Set that first goal, smash it, celebrate for a moment and set a new one!”
– Dave McCullough




“I’ve always been a bigger guy wanting to get in better shape, but struggled to make any progress. A few months going to the gym and I’d lose motivation from not seeing any results. Or I’d get sidetracked with life and my fitness would take a back seat. The latest and greatest supplement would always be in the kitchen cupboard but never seemed to stick. Then I signed up for BEFIT. Then things changed. Best. Shape. Of. My. Life. All thanks to the entire team at BEFIT. What made this gym different? Why was I able to get tangible results? Scroll through the past All-Star’s or Biggest Winner participant’s testimonials and you’ll find a common theme. The word fun appeared more than 25 times. Positive came up 20. Other words like motivation, energy, friends, team, all appear in abundance. I can only echo the same. The workouts are tough, sometimes insanely. But you get through it, enjoy it even. All because you enjoy being there. You enjoy results. You enjoy seeing change. You enjoy your fellow bootcampers company. You enjoy BEFIT.”
– Derek Licas

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“The program and trainers at BEFIT are all awesome!!!!! I’ve been going to BEFIT for 6 months now and I’ve never felt this good physically or mentally in my life….Oh and my sleeping is even better, the program and motivation that I receive from BEFIT is unlike nowhere else. From when I started to the point I’m at now, there is a huge difference in my strength and mobility and the program that is drawn up for us is great ?? Cheers!”
-Mike McFarland

langley, fitness, bootcamp, befit, befit langley

“When I walked through the door at BEFIT a little over four years ago I honestly did not realize I was taking the first step to changing my life. After cruising through my twenties with not having to workout, simple play beer-league hockey a few times a week, and not gaining weight I suddenly found myself in my mid-thirties with no muscle mass and a good sized belly. I struggled for a couple of years trying to workout at local fitness clubs to no avail. There was no motivation for me, and more importantly no support. To say the least, I was very frustrated and couldn’t maintain a consistent work out regime. That all changed the day I did my first class at BEFIT. I started my first class at 185lbs and made it half way through the workout and had to stop due to overexertion. But unlike the other gyms where I would leave discouraged and not return, something different happened. Josh walked over and gave me a pep talk. He told me that a lot of guys in my situation go through this and I need to keep at it and in no time I would be able to handle the workouts with ease. So I took him at his word and sure enough my life changed. Within a few months I was at the gym six days a week and doing the BEFIT level workouts, pushing to improve every day. I also started watching my diet with Josh’s guidance and now, four years later, I am in the best shape of my life and strive to lift more, move faster and push harder at every workout. And although I’ve only lost 2.5 pounds since day one, the body transformation is shocking when I look at my day one photo. Josh and his great trainers have helped me commit to a healthy, active lifestyle; and I can’t thank them enough. And if that wasn’t enough I found something else, something I can’t put a price on, at BEFIT. A great community! Josh and his staff have created a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment that attracts some of the best people I’ve ever met. No matter what my mood is walking through the door at BEFIT in know I will leave all the stress of life behind when I walk out. It did not take long for BEFIT to become my “happy place.” I’ve met too many great people to mention here, but needless to say my decision to make a healthy change in my physical life has led to healthy changes in my mental and social lives.

So thank you to Josh, Karen and all the great trainers, past and present. And thank you to all the great people I’ve met over the last four years. I could not have gotten where I am today without everyone’s support and encouragement.”
– Scott Caughy

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“Joining BEFIT over a year ago was an easy decision, my intention was to try out the program for a couple of months and move on. Plan changed as I started to notice quick results in a very short amount of time. Continuous support from staff helped me stay committed to my health and fitness goals. Thank you to all of the very knowledgeable, highly motivated and extremely dedicated trainers at BEFIT. Go Packers!”
– Judge Turna
“Six months ago I joined BEFIT and it has turned out to be a fantastic decision. Down 58 pounds and feeling great!! I have only missed two classes since joining and consider it my new job (after retirement). I actually look forward to the daily workouts, especially with trainers like Josh, Karen and Alicia. If anyone reading this is thinking about giving BEFIT a try, don’t think – just do it! You won’t be disappointed….”
– Jim Brown



If fitness came in a bottle, everyone would have a great body. BEFIT prides itself on providing you with the workouts, the atmosphere, and the experience that will enable you to fall in love with your health and fitness. We know when this happens, it will make all the difference for you!

Committed to your results,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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