Top 11 Excuses To Attend Bootcamp

I hear a few excuses, here are some of my favorites and the reasons why you should ignore them and get moving:

  1. I’m not motivated. Have you ever had problems pushing yourself to attend a fitness class or a gym? Well, have you ever had an extremely positive trainer on your side, who likes to have fun and crack jokes, raise his voice to raise your energy, and bring you fun games and themes on a weekly basis.  And if that doesn’t do it for you I’ll fill your inbox with get your ass to bootcamp comments ;).
  2. I have no time. With my bootcamp workouts you are in an out in an hour 3x’s/ week. We conclude each class with stretching, but you are more than welcome to lay out on the mats and stretch out for an extra 5 after class.
  3. I have a bad diet. With The Bootcamp Effect you will be doing total body workouts and will be building lean muscle. This will elevate your metabolism, so that even if you make a slight improvement in your diet, you will see results. Don’t know what to eat? You will get serious results if you follow my 30 day meal plan that I give to each member of the bootcamp.
  4. I want to workout with my friends. Well what a weird thing to say to me. I say this, REFER THEM, get them in for a free week and if they stay on you will get HALF OFF your next month. And then you guys can have a cheat meal together after class and bond even more over the exercises you “hate, but love” the most (MAX: 3 cheat meals per week).
  5. I suck at commitment. Well, I’m amazing at it. You miss a class no problem – it happens – you may be sore, you may have slept in. But if you miss 2 in a row- I’ll email you saying I missed ya and you’re paying for results and this isn’t a big box gym where we want you to slip through the cracks and keep paying.
  6. I have tried everything to lose the weight so far and failed. Did you try it with a fitness professional who does this full time and then goes to the gym on his own time to make sure he walks the talk?
  7. I had a trainer before. Oh, did you try a bootcamp? Did they give you a nutrition plan, food journals to fill out before you eat for your first week to shock you into thinking about what you eat? Were these individuals extremely fit and understood strength and conditioning principles?
  8. But I can’t afford it. I will give half off your next month for referrals. So refer 1 person a month and you’re in business. Think of people at the tanning salon, your chiropractor, massage therapist, neighbours, hockey moms, etc. They are all people that will join you in the battle against fat loss!
  9. I’m too old and have joint issues. I’ve got 2 words for you!  Soft floors. Easy on the joints and if your body still can’t cope with the compression forces then I will modify the exercise for you. This is no exercise in a parking lot. Trust me – I know the feeling of trying to exercise with injuries –  it sucks!
  10. I like my personal training sessions where I don’t exercise hard and talk about life. Hahahah, you’re alright, but do you really want results? This is the year 2010. Group fitness is the economical solution for everyone that wants the guidance , knowledge, and support that a fitness professional provides. Seeing a trainer such as myself 3x’s per week and doing the exercise that makes sense to your goal (such as full body, compound exercises) will see you achieve your goal in a timely manner.
  11. I go to group fitness classes already. I don’t consider going to these classes as being a part of a fitness program. They won’t keep you accountable if you decide to not come, they will not modify exercises personally for you on a regular basis. They won’t write a newsletter and blog to send you all the information you need to succeed.

Committed to your success,

Josh Saunders