Thump Day Truth Talk

Have you ever heard anyone say something like:
“If I really wanted to, I could do it”
“If I really wanted to be in shape I could”
“If I did this, I could do that”

You ever heard that?

Over the years I’ve heard a similar story many times, and when I do, I sit and I try to process it with the individual and I wonder why people say things like that?

How about this one:
“If I wanted to lose weight I could do it if I really wanted to”

So why don’t you want to lose weight?

Let’s process and unpack that for a second…

  • If you really wanted to be the the best version of you, what does it look like if you were that person?
  • If you really wanted to lose the weight, what does your life look like?
  • How’s your sleep, your stress levels, your movement, your nutrition?
  • How’s your family life, your sex life, your job, your confidence, your fulfilment in life?
  • Are you creating more opportunity for yourself and the people you care about?
  • Are you able to use this as a vehicle for positive change because you decided to be the best version of yourself?
  • Did you and your family benefit from it?

So if you really wanted to be the best version of yourself in what way do you get a negative if you were to give it your best?

Or is the truth is that the statement “If I wanted to lose weight I could do it if I really wanted to” is really just a cop out…

You say you could lose the weight if you really prioritized it to save face, but internally you’re scared because you don’t really know if you truly committed if you’d actually succeed. You’re just saying it, and it feels good to you, it helps you with your pride, and makes you feel more confident in the moment.

But deep down inside you’re a little bit scared because you don’t know if this is goal is going to become a reality and that scares you – so the alternative is you don’t give your best and subsequently sabotage yourself. You show up. BUT YOU DON’T SHOW UP.

So why do you sabotage yourself?

It’s because you can always hide behind this:
“If I gave my best I would succeed”
(Because you’re afraid of failure, uncertainty and if you don’t succeed it protects your ego)

So if you really wanted to lose the weight, and gave your best and you became the greatest, most grandest version of yourself that you could conceive, is it worth it?

Why not go find out???

Because if you really wanted this and you gave your best in what you’re currently doing. If you gave your best when it comes to your nutrition, your training, your consistency, and your discipline where would you be in a year? 3 years? 5 years or even 10 years from now???

You will only find out if you give it everything.


– Josh