This Langley Bootcamp is tough – The Bootcamp Effect and Tough Mudder

What’s your soul purpose? If you do not know this. You do not know yourself. This is the equivalent of you telling me you want to lose weight and not know why. Not knowing why you want to lose weight, that’s just silly…

You need to specify, know how many pounds and in how many days. And stick to that goal! Everyone works better under pressue. That is how the best are become among us.

There are no resolutions. Only goals. Resolutions are for quitters. Goals are for winners! So what are your goals for 2012? Is it to be like 2011? You know what, it may be pretty much the same. Without a tangible list of goals and dreams how can you expect you to be in control of your life rather in stasis mode waiting for something good or dare I say bad happen to you. Without that primary aim, we have nowhere to direct our shot.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:…you may find the ultimate answer to all these is to be happy, so get happy!

What do you want the most? __________________________________________ (Josh’s answer – to build The Bootcamp Effect into a massive, community contributing, difference making, local business with 200 members, a team and a corporate training division).

What kind of life do you want? ____________________________________________
(Josh’s answer – not a normal one, larger than life and full of experiences! I want to be able to travel all over North America learning from the best and bring it back to Langley!)

Who do you wish to be?_________________________________
(Josh’s answer – Josh 2.0, just me but better at everything! That includes public speaking seminars!)

What do you want your legacy to be – think big! _____________________
(Josh’s answer – The fitness guru or insert catchy nickame here: ____________)

Take your time and answer those 4 questions. Read them every morning, and think what you can do TODAY to get 1 step closer to that, this can be applied to business, fat loss, and life. How much do you want? How bad do you want it? Break those up. Keep making those steps and those positivie choices.

And remember, whatever comes first, leaves first. Build those habits and retain what you create. If you get quick fat loss you don’t build habits of success. A 6 pack or an 8 pack takes commitment. A solid foundation can build the tallest of monuments. Make your life one that reaches as high as you want it.

With that, let’s look at 2012 and a goal of mine for you…and me.

It’s called Tough Mudder, and oooh wwweeee… It’s going to be tough. Billed as probably the toughest event on the planet (that’s what they say…). And yes, if you arent feeling real good about your health and fitness. You may not complete this 10 mile menace (you can skip obstacles if you want….just sayin…)

The good news is that you have a team to do it with. The Bootcamp Effect will be going, and we’d love for you to workout, train, get lean, get prepared, and get supported for the tough mudder with us set on Saturday June 23 in Whistler.

We will register as a team. (So hold off registering…) Over 21 individuals on our team will get everyone a $20 refund on their registration – refunded a few weeks after the event. I will send you the link at the end of January to join The Bootcamp Effect team once I have heard back from all who are interested.

Here are the specific details on the event in Whistler.

I hope that you will consider this physical and mental challenge. If you can do this, who knows what else you can do! You will have the support of all your trainers along with at least (my guesstimate….) 20 other bootcampers committed to completing the event and then having a great night out together in Whistler 😉

You will have earned it.

If you are interested in joining us, please email Karen at karen@thebootcampeffect.com

One more thing… This post was about goals. So when you look at your goal sheet on your fridge, maybe it says lose 15lbs by May, so I can finish the tough mudder…

It’s just a thought, the rest is for you to write…..

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect