This Bootcamp is Nice!

Hey guys Kurt here,

The BootCamp Effect is not like any other fitness facility. Every day
is a fun new experience due to our innovative and experimental leader,
Josh Saunders and our energetic, (sometimes crazy) trainers. In the
spirit of keeping things fresh, exiting and non-repetitive, I will
give up saying the words “Nice” and “Good” for one whole month!

This won’t be an easy task so I have come up with a way for you guys to enforce this upon me. For every time I say “Nice” (5 push-ups) and for every time I say “Good” (5 burpees). For this whole month we will tally up all these forbidden words on the board and on the last Friday of the month at 930 I will do all these push-ups and burpees in front of you and you guys can say nice or good job as much as you want to me as I do them. Feel free to dig into your vocabulary and help me out a bit with some other cool words of encouragement in the next little while.

I will need it :s

Happy Booting,
Kurt Baker
The Bootcamp Effect

P.s. Isn’t Kurt such a Nice guy!
Pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory: “we had a nice time”.
(of a person) Pleasant in manner; good-natured; kind: “he’s a really nice guy”.
P.p.s. Don’t worry guys I will film Kurt doing it 😉