They Lost How Much Weight?

Saturday marked the end of the 14th edition of our Langley Weight Loss Challenge known as the Biggest Winner.

So now what?

First we check out some results!

Our Female Winner was Bev!!!

Here are a few words from Bev:
“Signing up for this challenge for me was only meant to be another step in the right direction towards my health and fitness goals. I have done 2 challenges previously, and lost 13 pounds each time. So, when this season came around, and it didn’t start until after my Spring Break holiday lol, I figured I might as well join in! I thought maybe I could lose another 13 pounds or even finally hit that 10%. I could not have imagined that I would be this successful.
The differences that stand out for me between this challenge and the other two are:
1) The support. This challenge in particular I let people know that I was doing it! I wasn’t shy about checking in with the (amazing) trainers or other Befitters about the challenge. I felt a bit of extra accountability, as well as tremendous support from all of the people whom I would regularly touch base with. I could not be more grateful to have every single one of you!
2) The workouts. I was working out at Befit 5-6x per week, which is the same as my other 2 challenges. However, this time I also tracked my steps and aimed for 20,000 plus, most days. The longer days and weather definitely helped to get some extra walks and hikes in!
3) The nutrition. I would say this was a huge factor in being more successful this challenge. What it really came down to was three meals a day, no snacking, and for the most part all protein and vegetables. It was just a matter of committing to it, day after day. Sugar-free gum and decaf tea helped me get through sometimes, but just enduring some hunger was definitely part of it.”

Our Male Winner was Jordan!!!

Here are a few words from Jordan:
“Over the last 12 weeks I have made some sustainable changes to get closer to my health and fitness goals. I made it to Befit 5-6 days a week and completed 30-45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill 4-5 days a week. I changed my eating habits to 3 meals a day and limited snacking. I allowed myself to indulge at social gatherings and made sure it only consisted of 10% of my week. I couldn’t have come this far without the support and guidance of the trainers at Befit, so thank you to everyone (especially Joe!). I am looking forward to continuing this new lifestyle.”

Here’s some more amazing weight loss results:

***John did so well he narrowly missed out on winning by .02%***

***Michele did so well she narrowly missed out from winning by .3%***

***Heather won the Biggest Winner challenge in Season 12 – kept the weight off and lost another 12lbs!!!***

Here’s the Group Stats for our Weight loss Challenge:

  • Total participants: 67
  • Total weight lost: 626lbs
  • Average weight lost: 9.3lbs
  • Average % of initial weight lost: 5%
  • Average attendance/participant over the 12 weeks: 4 workouts/week
  • Amount of individuals who lost over 10lbs in 12 weeks – 26

With the next challenge coming in the fall, this leaves a few months for us to reinforce the lifestyle you worked so hard to cultivate in these 12 weeks.

  • A lifestyle that doesn’t leave you deprived.
  • A lifestyle with the majority of your nutritional choices being great
  • A lifestyle that leaves room to enjoy some indulgence on the weekend.

As I have said over the years… We are what we repeatedly do.

Keep bringing this effort to your workouts, to your nutrition, to your sleep!

And doing this with mindful awareness, you will take a low trajectory towards a distant horizon and see the change you strive for! (Growing along the way into this person so it doesn’t feel like you are making massive changes all at once).

Our 12 week challenges are used as catalysts to help you shift your mindset to another level, to help give you more nutrition coaching, more accountability, and more success to your weight loss and fitness endeavours.

Thank you to everyone who put in the work over these past 12 weeks.

We look forward to your continued success,
Josh Saunders