There’s no bootcamp on Sunday June 5th!

You heard me…

But what will you be doing to stay active?
What will you be doing to make a difference?

Our very own Stacey McKay is running a 5k to raise funds for childhood cancer research and programs at BC Children’s Hospital. So I thought, what better than to join her and get your body primed for the summer months.

And burn some cals.

Here’s a message from Stacey…

As some of you may or may not know we frequent Children’s Hospital with our youngest and this year I wanted to give back to the awesome care facility that we go to soooooo I have gone and done it 🙂 .. I have signed up for my first 5K run in support of BC Childrens Hospital… I know it isn’t far but its worth the effort alone to try …. I haven’t given myself much time to prepare but I know I can pull it off … now I am not a huge runner but I am determind to run the whole time and I would love to have fellow bootcampers join me even if its not for the fundraising part but for the panting part and the “I did it ! ” at the end 😉 …. there are tax receipts given so  If you can donate to this worthy cause please feel free by using the link below… thanks again for all your support 😉


If you are interested in running, here is the information:
And before you go, I also have another amazing individual of the bootcamp family doing good in the world…
It’s our very own Morning Metabolizer Trainer Krystine Fernandez. 
Here’s a message from Krystine and what she’s up to next Saturday.
Dear Family and Friends,
On June 4th, I will be participating in the motionball Marathon of Sport, a day-long event raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics Canada. I will be competing alongside Special Olympic athletes in Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Bocce and new this year Bench Ball!
100% of your pledge will go to support the great works of more than 10,000 certified coaches who train and mentor the more than 32,000 individuals across Canada with an intellectual disability who are currently registered in Special Olympics programs. These sports programs have an amazing positive impact in communities right across Canada.

I appreciate that you are likely already volunteering or donating to charitable causes in your community – thank you for that!

 I would greatly appreciate your support and encouragement for this worthwhile cause.
You can make your donation online – it’s quick and completely secure!
Click here to sponsor me:
Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for being a fan of Special Olympics in Canada!
More information on motionball: motionball.com
More information on Marathon of Sport: motionball.com/marathon/
Yours Truly,
2 great causes!
All the best,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect