The Workout Explained (aka The Ten Thousand Pound Bootcamp)

Each workout at The Bootcamp Effect is a total body workout that
challenges your mind and muscles with the best that the fitness
industry has to offer.

How do I know this? Because this is my life. And I’m thinking about
your fitness from 8am in the morning till 12am in the evening.
(Sometimes, it’s a little much…)

I juggle with making these workouts both effective, enjoyable, and
unique each month, and offer a helluva a lot of times for you to do

In the past, I have always tried to make the workouts meld well
together in the context of a week so that you are able to come 6 days
per week.

And in my constant pursuit of evolving and learning all I can.. Well, I’ve finally done what I have been wanting to do and now, each and every day, is a total body workout.

That’s great Josh, what does this mean?

Well, asides from doing the 7 pillars of movement each day…
(push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, twist, and single leg).

You do not want to attempt to do these workouts on back to back days (bold this Josh to remind them!) Your body will be in a constant state of stress and raised cortisol levels. You will experience overtraining and wont be able to progress week after week. When you
work out, you tear and breakdown muscle fibers. You need rest for them to rebuild and build more muscle.

No rest = no rebuilding, which equals no elevated metabolism from more muscle (each 1lb of muscle = 50 more
calories that you burn at rest each day) which equals a leaner, toned, ripped, whatever adjective you like you.

Please don’t worry about getting bigger muscles or spot reducing fat on your stomach. Infact, I forbid you to think about that again! This is it. This is the gold standard.

If you are bigger, it is because of fat over your muscles. It takes a lot of steroid induced muscle to look big. And if you are over 20% bodyfat at 150lbs that still means you have 30lbs of fat on you.

And how much does 1lb of fat look like?

Like that.

10lbs of muscle added to your body and 10lbs of fat lost keeps you at the same weight. But look at the difference in size of the muscle and fat, you will look a helluva a lot different – way smaller, way leaner, meaner, more athletic, and primed with better insulin resistance (so you can process carbohydrates better), lower bodyfat, and a body that can workout more effectively and efficiently and turn that 10lbs lost into
20 or 30lbs lost.

And to ensure you are benefitting the most from your workouts at bootcamp…

EAT MORE PROTEIN! Infact, try to eat as much as you can! (keeping portion sizes small – 4oz for women, 6-8oz for men). At least 1g/kg of bodyweight. 5-6 meals, 5-6 times you eat protein.

Back to the workouts…
If you are coming everyday, and I would love it if you come everyday (because you got that bug that you can shake, that fitness quan, you know what I mean… ;))

You need to break up the full body workouts
Look above to see the entire point of this blog.

So, since we love seeing you so much, and The Bootcamp Effect, doesn’t half ass anything, we are now offering a cardio and recovery “option” each month. That way you can get to the gym, do some high intensity
interval cardio, say hi to everyone, get a sweat, burn some calories, and keep the momentum.

Here’s June’s cardio option:

Each circuit is 10 mins. High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective cardio so alternated short bursts of all out effort with rest.
#1 – Boxing (20-50 punches all out effort, rest, and repeat)
#2 – Skipping (attempt to skip as fast as you can for as long as you
can, try double unders, stretch out your calves, stretch out your
hips, foam roll, you get the point…)
#3 – 200m row – We have recently added a rower to the gym and your
goal is to row 200m as fast as you can. I ran a test group this week
and the fastest gal was 45 seconds, so just jump on there grab the
handle, press just row and go! (If you’re waiting cheer on the other
person, ride the bike or stretch – remember..cardio and recovery)

Here’s how you navigate your workout week.

For example,
If you are attending 6 days per week
M – workout of the day
T – cardio recovery option
W – workout of the day
T – cardio recovery option
F – workout of the day
S – workout of the day (because in June it’s high intensity cardio!)

So to sum that up:
alternate the workout of the day (total body weight training) with the cardio recovery option of the month. This ensures that if you are attending bootcamp 2-3x per week you are getting massive bang for your
buck with your workouts because total body resistance training burns so many more calories post workout via EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption).

And in your typical workouts, you lift like at least 10,000lbs. And your body has to adapt to that stimulus in a way that will make me and you very happy.

10,000lbs EXPLAINED:

Wednesday’s workout – client – 150lb female

The following does not include the warmup, core chaos, or the finisher…
(Conservative numbers are used because you guys are getting a lot
stronger than this!)

circuit 1

  • goblet squat – 3 sets x 12 reps x 30lbs = 1080lbs
  • single arm db row – 3 set x 12 reps x 20lbs x 2 = 1440lbs
  • single arm db shoulder press – 3 sets x 12 x 10lbs x 2 = 720lbs
  • circuit 1 total = 3240

circuit 2

  • trx row with feet in line with the bar – 3 sets x 12reps x 150lbs(.50% of your bodyweight) – if you were doing chinups you would be lifting 100% of your bodyweight = 2700lbs
  • pushups – 3 sets x 12reps x 150lbs(.55% – this is how much of your bodyweight you lift when you do a pushup on your knees. If you did pushups on your toes, you lift 71% for women, and 77% for men) = 2970lbs
  • single leg deadlift – 3 sets x 12 reps x 30lbs x 2 = 2160lbs
  • circuit 2 total = 7830

circuit 3

  • side plank with row
  • mb squat with chest press using a 12lb ball
  • Point made…

So just using the data from 2 circuits this individual lifted 11,070lbs in 20 minutes!

Wow, I actually didn’t think it would be that high…And you guys can lift more than that!

Just to give you an example of how much more you could get it…

If I took that 1 arm row and made it 80lbs instead of 20lbs it would be 5760lbs of weight lifted in just 3 sets.

Absolutely amazing data. That is how you stay lean forever.

Can you imagine how hard your body has to work to lift 11,070lbs in 20
minutes? You don’t need to do that everyday. So enjoy the short burst
cardio every other day, get your sweat on, and enjoy the process that unfolds.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

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