The Top 2 Quick and Easy ways to get results today!

The Top 2 Quick and Easy ways to get results today! If you want results, then this is a must read!!!

1. Supplement

If you haven’t thought of this already, you should try supplementing with mediocrity. By far, the strongest pull in the universe and… will keep you safe from the judgemental eyes of your peers because the last thing you want is to stand out in a crowd. I mean, you want to be lean, but not too lean… You want to gain muscle, but not too much muscle… Mediocrity all the way!

If you aren’t supplementing with mediocrity, you are missing out on the ultimate blend of ingredients:

Conflicting goals, excuses, inconsistent effort, and comfortable situations all in one convenient concoction.

Because half committing to exercise because you want to be lean but you have other things to do, but at least you made it to the gym, so you don’t have to go hard today, because at least you showed up and you’ll go hard tomorrow, and you’re comfortable with that….will change your body.

Mediocrity. It sounds amazing (but not too amazing)…Pick it up at your local supplements store whenever is convenient for you.

2. Don’t Overtrain

Have you ever thought you may be overtraining? It’s true, it’s a big buzz word in the industry, in fact, it happens to olympic athletes and triathletes all the time! So why wouldn’t it happen to you? You are probably working way too hard these days, so give yourself more rest, and you should definitely not come ride the bike if you are not reaching your goals fast enough. Unlike everything else in life, when pertaining to your health and fitness, when you want more, you should not work harder…Make sense? I know. Moral of the story, never look at what else you can do to get there faster, it will just stress you out and raise your cortisol levels.

What to do now?

Just follow those top 2 quick and easy ways to get results and watch out for any April Fools jokes.

Happy Easter and April Fools,
Josh Saunders