The Scary Truth about Gyms in Langley

reality of gyms, big box gyms langley

The big box gyms in Langley like Fitness World, Club 16 or Gold’s Gym are not in the gym business as though it might seem.

They are actually in the advertising and selling memberships business with a goal of selling you a gym membership and hoping you never show up!

Think I’m wrong? Hear me out for a sec…

Big box gyms are looking for just 10% of their members to show up. Their goal is to sell a low enough membership that if you aren’t attending you don’t cancel it because it’s only x dollars/month… They actually would be in trouble if their attendance was higher as they do not have enough equipment to support the thousands of members that they have. Can you imagine going to the gym and there never being a barbell available to train with? Or how annoying is it when you are trying to do supersets and your machine is always being taken everytime you turn your back. And then there is the ensuing awkward moment…

BEFIT or other group fitness facilities are results based gyms.

The industry goal for a gym like ours is to have 60% of our members attending daily. This is the daily goal as we can break it down as 50% of our members are attending Monday-Wednesday-Friday while 50% are attending Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday leaving 10% of our members showing up everyday (which we love!) In fact, we’d love it and could handle it if we had 100% of our members showing up daily (but you have busy lives with other priorities other than fitness and somedays you just need a rest day because you work so hard!)

We do recommend 4+ days/week of bootcamp sessions to maximize your results!

So if you know anyone looking for a gym and they compare the cost of membership, you can ask them, do you actually use your membership? Do you realize you are just paying to rent the equipment? Do you realize you are just a random in a gym? Do you really enjoy the awkward stare downs and the anti-social environment? (Even if you have one personal training session per week, this is primarily effective if you already know EXACTLY what you should be doing in the gym and have the motivation to show up daily and work by yourself. Then that 1 day per week is working on skills and drills that you can apply to your workouts when you are alone.)

It’s different in our gym, you get a personalized training experience everytime you walk though our door. I like to say I know everyone’s first name who walks in our doors and if you work with me on a regular basis I 100% guarantee I know who you are, your first name, possibly your last name, possibly your email, what you can squat for 3 reps within 15%… In fact, it’s unacceptable for me not to know your name if you attend BEFIT. This holds true if you’re working out at a 6am or 7am and I haven’t seen you in months. But if I have had to ask you your name, just know, it’s because I care and now I know it.

To encourage you to get in the gym doors and get this daily attendance rate over our 60% goal, we regularly send out emails with motivational and informative blogs to help you get more out of your experience. If you don’t receive our newsletter and would like to receive it, please scroll to the bottom of this page and add your email (I try to send one out every Wednesday). If you don’t follow us on facebook or instagram, you can do that here.

We also expect our coaches to know every individual they work with on a regular basis (within reason like if they are new or only work 1 evening session per week – then they’re working on it!)

But training with BEFIT, your coaches know your injuries, your muscle imbalances, family member’s names, your dog…

As you leave school and your social groups are limited to your remaining high school/college friends and your co-workers, it’s a great place to meet people. We’ve even had a handful of marriages and 2 beautiful babies from people meeting at the gym too. How amazing is that!

I think I nailed it one of my first blogs way back in 2011… workout buddies rock!

So if you are looking for community, relationships, and results, all I can say is we are committed to your success,

– Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

reality of gyms, big box gyms langley

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