The Power of Positive.

The Power of Positive…

You may have some crabby negative people in your life. One’s that will harm your belief in yourself.

So, I’m here to say…

You have to put other people’s negative opinions aside to experience something newer or greater.

And you can’t worry about their feelings. They surely haven’t been worrying about yours.

The saying “Get comfortable getting uncomfortable” echoes so much truth.

That uncomfortable is living.
That uncomfortable is your goals.
That uncomfortable is fear.
That uncomfortable is your dreams.

There will never be a really good time for you to get things done and achieve your goals. But taking immediate action is your only surefire method of getting there.

And to reinforce your belief in the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. I would like to offer up the following example…

Our body is made up of 70% water, and when water is exposed to statements, feeling, and emotions, it gets changed on a molecular level. Ergo, thinking and being positive will have a positive effect on your body at a molecular level.

Science… amazing. look it up Dr. Masaru Emoto

Let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and think logically.

Take all the crazy and non crazy statements, mystical and factual, everything ever thought up or conceived. Draw a big circle to represent all of it. Within it, draw a smaller circle representing everything that has been proven by science.

That scientific circle used to be tiny 200 years ago. So that entails that facts that we suspend disbelief towards today could be found true 200 years from now.


Years ago what was considered mystical is now science. The mystical is on the brink of scientific discovery. So when you hear something like our thoughts affect our water and our cells. Don’t suspend belief. It is true. Proven by science. Indisputable.

Airplanes, the internet, laser eye surgery. All of these things would have absolutely had someone screaming in disbelief 200 years ago. The more we progress as a species and the more we learn, the larger the circle of science expands.

We are stronger when we say the truth. When we are doing things we believe in.

So you need to believe in yourself and WHY YOU WORKOUT and not just be interested in your goal, but COMMITTED TO YOUR GOAL.

Your body is water – our dna is tightened by anger and frustration.

BE POSITIVE. Change your body. Change your life. Transcribe success.

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect