The next level of exercise at our Langley Bootcamp – it’s spooky

Yes, there is such a thing, it looms in the deep dark recesses of gyms and bootcamps throughout the country. Rarely used, rarely talked about, rarely even given a name. In fact, it is a combination of so many exercises, can it even be given a name?

If you’ve been coming to bootcamp, you’ve done all these exercises. But have you done them all together? Yes, it’s a scary thought. This exercise is so complex, it’s scary, and should not be attempted without the supervision of certified fitness professional.

Yes..woooooh. (in a ghostly sounding manner)

So here’s a spooky challenge for you, do 20.
Yes, this fat scorching exercise is more scary than the ab scorchers, more scary than the alternating rope waves for 6 mins, more scary than it feels awesome clams, or bootcamp lines. It utilizes every muscle in the body…and even the brain…

It fact it combines the pushup, the renegade row, the burpee, the db swing, the front squat, the shoulder press.
And, if you haven’t quit or want to quit by the end, if you’re not covered in some sort of ubiquitos slime (sweat), then you’re some sort of mythical hero that should dress up and wage your vigilante justice against the criminal underbelly at night. Or I should hire you and you become a trainer at The Bootcamp Effect.

Once you start, there is no turning back. And yes….This exercise may rear its ugly head in our next phase.
SO Beware, be excited, be scared.
Burpee 3.1
Coming this Halloween to a bootcamp near you.

To your fat burning success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

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