The Hangover


For some reason, we are all interested in origin stories of how something came to be. How did apple get its start, how did Bruce Wayne become Batman, how did The Hangover workout become The infamous Hangover workout….

Well, I’ll tell you, it all started…

The Hangover workout can be traced back to its inception the summer of 2011, when we first started running workouts at McLeod Athletic Park. Since it was always less busy on the weekends, I noted the possibility of putting a workout together that utilized the track and the stairs. At the time, I was writing a different workout everyday for the bootcamp, and it’s first appearance was with one of our old yellow sleds. It has since changed slightly from its original. At the time, I would borrow my parent’s old Nissan Pathfinder for the workout as my car couldn’t hold the sled. I knew that I couldn’t haul the sled back and forth from my garage to the field forever, or expect any of my trainers to do that, so I eventually changed the sled out for something that was just as hard, but easier to execute…. And I always knew I was going to have artificial turf in my gym (at this point in time, I had a sled but with no turf in the gym. It was only used for outside workouts)…

When we moved into our old gym (unit 103), I moved the workouts to monthly programs, and in our first monthly program in September, The Hangover in it’s current form was there.

It was originally coined The Hangover Pt 2, as it was different from the original version, but I eventually changed it to The Hangover. The Remake. The Superior version.

It was named thus because I used to name all the workouts after movies, as I consider myself a movie buff, and it’s a never-ending source of names and themes for me to coin our workouts after. In addition, it being on Saturday mornings, after some of you may be partaking in social festivities, and the fact that it is hard as #&*% further exemplifies it’s origin of feeling hungover.

So, what is the infamous Bootcamp Hangover workout?

  • 300m on the track
  • 4 flights of stadium stairs up and down along the stadium
  • 10 yard bear crawl
  • 10 pushups

— Complete 4 rounds as fast as you can in 20 minutes —

But look on the bright side… we get to play ultimate frisbee after 🙂

Ultimate Frisbee
See you Saturday! September is the last month that we will be running the Hangover for 2013.
Josh Saunders