The Bootcamp Effect Standard

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Movement is the foundation of everything we do.
To excel in all pursuits, we should excel at movement.
This doesn’t incline being able to do handstands or even pullups.
No, at its core, to be excellent at movement, we must focus on our core in every exercise.

If you chase perfection in an exercise and focus on the quality of movement then you will get that metabolic burn.

This should be the entry point for everyone – the gateway to strength – the way to access untapped power within you. Let the contraction drive the movement.

In every exercise, you need to go through this mental checklist.

  • Squeeze your glutes as hard as you can.
  • Drive in your abs tight
  • Squeeze your armpits

Start in that active plank in every exercise and make it a high-tension workout!

This is the safest and strongest position for you to build a magnificent foundation. Without doing this in every exercise, I can guarantee you will deal with a compensation issue/injury.

The best ability is availability. The availability to exercise and move everyday and not be slowed down by age or injury.

If you don’t have this fundamental down, it benefits you to talk to a Bootcamp Effect coach and work on it until you have it down. If you can’t hold an exercise any more because you lose your active plank, it would benefit you to rest rather than keep going.

Conditions change, but standards remain the same.

You can move faster only if you can maintain the standard. Every exercise. No excuses. Just results.

High intensity is not the same as high fatigue.
More is not better. More better is better.


Earn the right to progress.

There is no rush to the top with health and fitness. It is a lifestyle of constant, never ending improvement.

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BSc, CSCS
The Bootcamp Effect

bootcamp in langley, bootcamps in langley