The Bootcamp Effect presents the 2011 Langley Bootcamp Bootie Awards

It’s time for the first annual Bootie awards with your host Josh Saunders

(crowd goes wild, haaaaa, haaaaaaa)
Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind.
Thanks for joining me in lovely Langley British Columbia for the 1st ever Langley Bootcamp Bootie Awards, chronicling the year that it was in the world of The Bootcamp Effect.

Yes, the year was filled with amazing successes. All of which can be defined by the discipline, sacrifice, sweat, and hardwork put forth by every Bootcamp Effect bootcamp member. It was truly a year that I will never forget. One, that saw us move from a guy with a bootcamp, a backpack, a vision, and a whiteboard, to a business with staff, a gym, and a future. We saw our member totals go from 50 to 120 in the year, surpassing the 100 mark with which I have had my eye on for awhile. We really did everything (prepare for inside joke for members)…

It was a Low Down Dirty Shame and we felt Something’s Got To Give as we fought through 8 Legged Freaks, End of Days, and Armaggedon with The Fighter, Rambo and 300 others. But since we felt Unbreakable and floated around like we were Gone With The Wind we managed to not feel like we were 13 Going on 30 and had a Sixth Sense that we weren’t Expendables and could still dish out the Heat after of course we dealt with The Hangover or The Hangover Part 2.

Yes, the intense workouts were the setting for both physical and mental transformation, and it was a pleasure to see many step up and show the potential that lay inside them.

Free weeks. There was a helluva lot of them. I know seeing your faces on that first day you questioned whether you could make it through that workout or if the soreness would ever go away…Well now look at you, you sit there with a new outlook on life and yourself. Proving no task, no exercise, no burpee combination can stop you… There is no schedule that can prevent you from getting your dose of bootcamp workouts, and if you ever needed guidance you could look to a bootcamp vet for support and inspiration along the way. 20 individuals braved the storm and saw us go from Newlands to McLeod Park and to Boot Camp U.

Let’s give a hand to these bootcamp vets that were with us in January and are here a year later:

Sonja J.
Kayla K.
Andrea P.
Jenny T.
Joyce M.
Alvin R.
Sheene C.
Belinda F.
Steve F.
Rene M.
Samantha C.
Hayley W.
Susan M.
Ian T.
Lori S.
Shannon C.
Shaunna O.
Vickie N.
Stacey M.
Karen L.

Please take the time to celebrate and reflect on the positive changes in your life over this period. It is you to thank for your plank time, no one else. You are afterall the sum of the desicions you make in life, whether it be searching Langley bootcamp in google or getting dragged along to a free week by an eager friend. I would feel pretty damn proud right now.

As a founder, trainer, and motivator, I couldn’t be more proud to have spent the last year with all of you. (As documented at the christmas party). It has truly been my pleasure to be involved in this facet of your life. It has been great to hear the cheers of support from your fellow bootcampers and getting that encouragement when you needed it. That is what livin is about. L-I-V-I-N…The acceptance of challenges that lay before you to be the best that you can be. Rise to that next level, lead by example, inspire others. It is the knowledge and acceptance that you get out of life what you put into it. And if you have a goal to look or be a certain way, you accept that you have to work for it, you accept that there is no complaining. You accept change. You be change.

Here are the 2011 Bootie Awards:

Most weight lost – Jason Robertson (40lbs)
Biggest Winner (3 month transformation contest) – Jon Mason (29lbs in 3 months)
Most dedicated – Craig Mcmaster (52 classes in a row)
Most classes in 1 day – Sarah Bent (3 classes)
I love bootcamp award – Stacey “The Bootcamp Junkie” McKay, who single handedly made me start 5:30am
Longest tenure – Sheene Chathna, a member since Feb 2010
The Comeback Kids – Aman Sidhu and Jossica Ram came back after some will-busting sprained ankles, Hayley W. was back 6 weeks after giving birth. Sam is back after a car accident. Vickie had an abdominal injury and she’s back better than ever. There’s just too many comeback kids to list and I apologize if I missed you on this list!
The marketeer – Andrea Haeber (5 referrals that she took credit for… more like 8 referrals though because she didn’t take credit for 3 family members)
The pirate award (walk the plank yaaaar) – Dave Kneale (7 minutes) *Belinda has never been given a chance to go max because she holds it so long, so I’m pretty sure she’s got a 7 minute plank in the bag.
Best 1st day vets (Lori and Sonora are always solid for supporting newbies on their first day, and Belinda is my go-to partner for first day folks.)
Goofiest trainer moment – Kurt falling backwards while doing straight leg raises in the warmup and Josh’s pants getting pulled down during resisted bear crawls, or Josh’s pants splitting in the bum 3x in a workout while he was doing squats
Unsung heroes – Joel who keeps the gym clean for us at night, and Krystine who is always there for you at 5:30am in the morning annnnd (she travels from PoCo. so you have no excuse not to join her with a cup of coffee and a workout in the morning!
I cant believe you did that award – Joyce Mcgregor (incredible feats of strength!)…How many chin-ups can she do???? In fact, she looks younger everytime I see her!
No one is as hungover as: Ian Tate – best time on The Hangover on Saturday mornings in the summer
The 300 queen – Hilary Howard had the fastest member time for the “300” workout
The Social Network Award – Gary and Rene for their great support and team attitudes and really bringing a team atmosphere to the 7:30pm timeslot
Most Career Wins – Karen Lougheed – if bootcamp was a competition, (sometimes it is, and.. only if you want it to be…) then she’s well on her way to a nice celebratory gift card to jugo juice
Best nickname for a team competition – Trish and Becky as “Tricky” and Heather and Rene as “H and R Block”
Least favorite exercise – Trx hamstrings
Favorite workout: Ahh heck, you like them all 😉

I leave you with a final word, a challenge for 2012, my best year ever, and I invite you to join me on your best year ever, and it is….tough mudder.

Coming to The Bootcamp Effect Saturday June 23 Whistler BC. Stay tuned.

Good night from Langley,
Josh Saunders

A Bootcamp Effect Production @2011