The Bootcamp Effect is like Bootcamp on Steroids.

Our society romanticizes steroids a lot. It’s pretty disgusting.

For example, statements like.. That dodge is like a ford on steroids! Or that bootcamp effect is like bootcamp on steroids!… Just make steroids sound cool and insinuate that being on steroids is the beez neez. It aint right.

Urban dictionary definition of “beez neez”: When something is so awesome that normal nerdography can’t describe it. It’s so fire that it’s not just Beez, it’s straight Beez Neez.

Back to the action:
And the magazines and tv are always bombarding this image in our faces…
Images of perfection or as close to that as you can get.

We live in a manufactured society of beauty and it is a struggle to become what we are exposed to on a daily basis. (I just assumed you watch tv on a daily basis). Tv can be a good thing. It has drastically influenced my vocabulary and writing ability…somehow. So dammit watch more tv!? And filter out the nonsense… the MTV (sorry Kurt) and the news for instance are filtered out by me…In fact I didn’t chose those themes on my tv package…

And in an attempt to reach this manufactured ideal of beauty…we have the supplement industry…

The supplement industry (unfortunately) is one of the biggest scams out there. They’ll take a picture of a guy who uses steroids to advertise a fat burning product and tout it as the next magic pill. Did you know that a lot of these companies are owned by the magazine industry? It’s really a brilliant piece of “complement”. Having said this, 80-90% of information in magazines is complete crap. Its all about manipulating you with the adonis complex in males and the bone thin model in females. It is creating complexes and eating disorders in people who are never measuring up to this perfection.

To look like that, you have to be a) genetically gifted or b) work your ass off and dedicate your life to looking like that.

Can you look close? Hell yes. And it starts with sound nutrition.

So how many supplements have you tried recently?

Do you know what is actually in them?

The supplement industry is unregulated. You do not need government approval to come out with a dietary supplement.

That gives people room to come out with lower quality products.

Do you know what is in your supplements?

The health industy is not about health. (Think your travelling gypsies selling tonic out of their bath tubs).

Many supplements do not have to be proved effective or safe. The product has to be proved not safe to take it off the line. There are substances that are not legal in Canada that can’t be on the shelves (Like
Human Growth Hormone), but until it is yanked off the shelf it is being put in people’s bodies.

Oh the supplement industry – have you seen who is selling supplements


Even this guy.

So lets make a dietary supplement…

Well buy some really popuar ingredients and use a tiny amount of each one and hide this secret formula under our secret proprietary blend and not tell anyone the supplement is a pill full of rice flower. Did you know that some of the pill capsules are undegistable, so they are just there in your digestive system and viewable by xray – that’s scary shit.

So we’ll make the supplement for 2 dollars and sell for 60 because we have all those ingredients on the bottle, and most importantly an eye catching label. Supplement companies spend more on their branding and design of their bottles because that is the most important thing for them.

So most importantly with supplements. Create a good looking label.

And that’s by the book in the supplement industry

But wait, now we just need a misleading advertisement…

Before and afters taken in the same day? – (admitted by photographers).

Spray on tans, photoshop…

And that is how you sell some pixie dust and sugar, sell it as protein, and have people lose some weight, because they aren’t eating as much food, but who cares what they are putting in their body because we are getting rich and free cars.

One should be focusing on not some special shake for a quick fix… but instead they should focus on getting real foods and exercise for a long term lifestyle change. This lifestyle change will allow you to lose fat and maintain/build muscle long term and not just lose ‘weight” short term. Don’t get me wrong, I like protein shakes, but you just need to be aware of this.

Here’s what you need for postworkout nutrition:

Protein (at least 10grams) blended with some simple carbohydrates (fruit) and water. This will increase the absorption of the protein and spike your insulin after a workout to increase lean muscle growth after a workout. Your protein to carb ratio should be approximately 1:4.

If you are wondering what companies I recommend for protein powders:
prograde whey protein
vega plant protein

These are companies that are gmp rated which means what is on the label is what is in the container. Prograde even offers a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s a company that stands behind their product.

And let’s leave this blog on a positive high note…

The Bootcamp Effect is Bootcamp on Steroids..
One more reason why you ask????
We’re moving…August 1st, we’re moving 5 units down into a facility double the size. Why? Because I am committed to your health, results, and exercise experience. If you ever thought you’d miss the thought of running on grass outside, don’t worry, we’ll have our own lil’ patch of artificial turf in there for you to do sled pushes, valslides, and a huge private backyard for us to do sprints and tire flips.

So, it’s actually more like you are getting 4x more room. If only it would stop raining…

Thanks for being apart of our bootcamp community.

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect

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