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We’re constantly reinventing the way group fitness is done while staying true to our core values providing you with fun, functional and cutting edge workouts appropriate to your experience and ability.


We’ve been in business since 2010 and have built an amazing community of like-minded people with similar goals taking on obstacle courses, hikes, charity work, and new challenges together.



With multiple coaches and 2 workouts to choose from in every timeslot, we deliver a personal training experience by scaling exercises for ability, providing modifications for injury and offering professional tips and tricks to your fitness and nutrition so that you can maximize your time in the gym.



We never forget why you walked through our doors. Whether it be fat loss, strength, muscle building or conditioning, we have years of members achieving their health and fitness goals and are excited to help you with yours.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone who has been training for years, we have the coaching and experience that is right for you wherever you are on your health and fitness journey.

We know how to get YOU results…

weight loss langley


“The challenge came at the perfect time, I needed to find the correct balance between nutrition / fitness and indulgences. My advice for future participants would just be to stick to it and you will see results. The first few weeks are hard. But as it becomes your new routine it gets easier. I see a future making much smarter choices. A huge thank you to the amazing trainers at Befit for their support, plus all the wonderful members who are so encouraging and make working out fun.”

weight loss langley


“Deciding to participate in the challenge was great motivation to change my mindset towards a healthier lifestyle. Josh laid out a nutrition plan that was clear and easy to follow, always being open to questions for extra support. My workouts were all in SWEAT, working out about 4-5 times a week. This challenge was challenging but also very rewarding. The healthier changes that Befit helped a lot of us make will only have us reaching for new goals! I’m grateful for the opportunity and environment, Josh and everyone at Befit created to help me focus on my goal! I feel I am better because of the community that surrounds me! Thank you to my gym buddy Jackie for all the support and laughs! To Josh, Spencer, Joe and all the trainers at Befit! I’m proud of everyone who is focusing on a healthier self but…I’m also happy to see the women take this challenge!”

weight loss langley


“I want to start by saying I have never been a gym guy but I’ve been a member of BEFIT for over 6 years! I am still excited about the daily workouts and look forward to what’s new for next month. The difference with BEFIT is that all you need to do is show up! Everything else is laid out to ensure your success. The work outs, the trainers, and Josh always encouraging you to do your best. The trainers challenge you but also modify the workouts to meet your fitness level. The members are great, everyone is very friendly and supportive. This gym is the most inclusive I have ever attended. No matter your size, fitness level or age, everyone is welcoming and supportive. The weight loss challenge was the extra motivation I needed to lose those extra pounds. A simple no frills plan, eat clean and healthy. Low and behold it works! During the challenge I was on vacation for three weeks but still able to maintain healthy eating habits. Life does not stop but adopting healthy eating and exercise habits allowed me to maintain and get back on track quickly. Thanks Josh and to all the trainers for all your support, especially Joe, who also keeps us entertained.”

weight loss langley


“This challenge was the kick start I needed to get health and fitness back into my life as a top priority. I set some realistic goals and decided that striving for perfection was useless. For me, that always leads to feelings of failure, and then self sabotage. I did not eat perfectly for 12 straight weeks, but I kept carbs low, drank less alcohol, ate smaller portions and worked out as often as I could – at least 5 workouts per week, but often 10. These are things I know I can do forever. Sometimes I didn’t have it in me to give the workout 100% but I showed up anyway and did the best I could. My mantra is ‘you never regret a workout you do, only a workout you don’t do’ 
It must have been said thousands of times, but it is so true – consistency is key. It also really helps that Joe makes 530AM fun, and all the trainers and trainees at Befit are super friendly and encouraging! This is just my beginning and there is no end.”

weight loss langley


“This challenge was the kick start I needed to get health and fitness back into my life as a top priority. I set some realistic goals and decided that striving for perfection was useless. For me, that always leads to feelings of failure, and then self sabotage. I did not eat perfectly for 12 straight weeks, but I kept carbs low, drank less alcohol, ate smaller portions and worked out as often as I could – at least 5 workouts per week, but often 10. These are things I know I can do forever. Sometimes I didn’t have it in me to give the workout 100% but I showed up anyway and did the best I could. My mantra is ‘you never regret a workout you do, only a workout you don’t do’ 
It must have been said thousands of times, but it is so true – consistency is key. It also really helps that Joe makes 530AM fun, and all the trainers and trainees at Befit are super friendly and encouraging! This is just my beginning and there is no end.”



“First I would like to thank you and all the trainers for the support I’ve been given for the last 12 weeks. Everyone says I did the hard work, but you all motivating me every day kept me coming back and made the work fun and easy, and at the start, that was truly the hardest part. Now onto the good part… The most important thing for me was to fix my nutrition. From eating burgers and fries almost daily, to eating single ingredient foods seemed like the hardest thing that I could possibly do. As I got into it, I learned that I didn’t need to eat until I was completely stuffed. This was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. I started off going 3 days a week, but learned that my day wasn’t the same if I didn’t go to the gym every morning. After the first 2 weeks, the day after pains started disappearing and I looked forward to my 6 days a week at the gym. I started looking forward to waking up each morning and spending an hour with some awesome people each morning. I stuck with the sweat routine each morning, and it definitely lived up to it’s name.”

langley weight loss


“This challenge really came at the perfect time for me. I was ready for a change, ready to get back in shape and be stronger than ever. I’m not gonna say it was easy, but rarely things worth doing are. However, I made a commitment to myself that I would follow through with workouts and adjust my nutrition. Supported by the amazing trainers at BeFit, I was able to far exceed my goals and expectations for this challenge. In terms of fitness, I made sure to hit the gym 5 to 6 times a week, mainly focussing on strength. I made sure during my workout that I lifted heavy for everything with low numbers of reps, slowed down my reps and actually counted all the ‘3 seconds down’ (man, it’s harder than it sounds!). It was important to me to seek the advice of all the knowledgeable trainers, and ask for their guidance on both nutrition and fitness. I also followed the advice of those who had done precious challenges, as well as the trainers, and made sure to get in 15-20,000 steps per day. Being a busy, working mom of three young kids, some days were easier than others! With my nutrition, I, as well as everyone else, faced many challenges! I made a commitment to focussing on the foods put forth by Josh, and not compromising for at least the first few weeks. After the 29 day reset, I allowed myself a cheat day on the weekends, but was sure to jump right back into clean eating. I leaned heavily on the protein and tried to eat at least 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight per day (definitely tough to do, but worth it!), tons of fresh veggies and oh so much water. Completing this challenge was incredibly rewarding for so many of us and has given us a solid base from which to keep reaching new goals. The hard work doesn’t stop yet! But would you really want it to?!”

langley weight loss


Letting his results speak for themselves!

weight loss challenge langley


Letting her results speak for themselves!

weight loss challenge langley


Letting his results speak for themselves!

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Letting her results speak for themselves!

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“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is John. I’ve been a member of Befit for a few years and this is my second biggest winner competition. I came in second the last time I joined. I’m 41 turning 42 and have really wanted to focus on getting healthy as I’ve struggled with my weight loss and high blood pressure for awhile now. I knew that the challenge was going to be hard, but I was fully committed for the full 12 weeks. I worked out 5-6 days every week and diligently watched what I ate. My body hurt all over, but mentally I was feeling good. After the first 2 weeks, I lost 10lbs and noticed a difference, especially in my stomach. I pushed myself through the pain and my mind when I wanted to give up and just continued to work hard. I did not allow myself to eat past 6p which was hard and a lot of nights I really wanted to eat, but didn’t. If you saw me in the gym, I was always working as hard as I could and pushing myself. I always enjoy my time and appreciate the support from other members and trainers. It really kept me going… To the staff at Befit thank you for helping me become a healthier person. My goal is to lose another 10-15lbs by summer so keep pushing me!”


Letting her results speak for themselves!


“I joined Befit in January 2020 after seeing the amazing results my friend Lesley achieved taking part in The Biggest Winner. I was 57, unfit and overweight. I lived in big baggy sweatshirts and sweat pants, never looking at myself in a mirror as it made me feel depressed. After talking to Lesley, I looked at the website dozens of times and eventually signed up for the 2 week trial, but upon arriving that first day, decided to sign up for membership before I could change my mind! I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning as I didn’t even know how to warm up but everyone was so supportive! When the Biggest Winner was posted I signed up. The metabolic reset made me totally change the way I was eating. I used to have lots of processed food plus take out at least 3 times a week. I kept following the reset the whole 12 weeks. With the fantastic support of Joe, our coach, I lost 17% of my body weight. When the gym closed during the challenge, I started working out with the True Coach App 5 to 6 times a week at home, I feel better than I have in years. If I don’t work out, I feel something is missing in my day! Joining Befit was the best thing I have ever done for me! I love that classes are scheduled all day, not a set class at a set time and especially the variety of the workouts so that everyone can work at their own level. Enormous thanks to Josh, Joe and Irvin for all their help and support, it made all the difference!”


“I joined befit Jan 2019 originally to help my dad get into shape but what I didn’t know was that I was not in good shape either! During this quarantine I made it a priority to work on my nutrition and cardio as I didn’t have the weight and equipment needed. I was able to focus on the things I neglected over the years. With a good nutrition plan and 30 min on the bike every day and a lot of time under tension (with low weights) I was able to lose weight I didn’t know I had! Befit has been great growth for me, all over. Don’t give up and I’ll see you at BEFIT. ”


Letting her results speak for themselves!


Letting his results speak for themselves!

Now, how would you like to win $500?

Here's the details:

  • 12 week transformation challenge starts Friday, March 22, 2024.
  • Unlimited group training sessions – you can attend any of our 64 timeslots/week.
    befit schedule, gym schedule
  • $100 entry fee + $159.99/month for 3 months
  • Existing BEFIT and LVFIT members can join in on the contest with $100 entry fee.
  • The male and female who lose the biggest % of their initial weight earn $500 each.
  • Losing 10% of your initial weight loss gets you your $100 entry fee back!
  • Must register and weigh in no later than Friday March 22.
  • Mandatory 2 week in person weigh-ins.
  • Final weigh is on Friday, June 14, 2024.

This 12 week journey is about making an upgrade in your life. It’s about improving your habits for the long term. Over the past 23 instalments of The Biggest Winner, we have gotten pretty good results, and are constantly tweaking our system to be able to deliver you the most effective platform and best weight loss exercises for you to get amazing results.


With The Biggest Winner and BEFIT you’re going to GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED. Our 360-degree approach to weight loss and fitness includes:

  • Online training programs that can be done at home if you are unable to make it into the gym (by request)
  • 29 Day Fat Loss Reset to get you started out the gate with some quick results
  • Ongoing Nutrition Coaching and assistance throughout the challenge in creating good habits
  • Recommended Food Sources
  • Bi-weekly Accountability Weigh-ins
  • Before and After Pictures

We don’t have to tell you, this is a huge opportunity to get yourself on the path to fitness success. 

Here’s what can happen if you put together the best exercises to lose weight along with your drive to really want change….


“Signing up for this challenge for me was only meant to be another step in the right direction towards my health and fitness goals. I have done 2 challenges previously, and lost 13 pounds each time. So, when this season came around, and it didn’t start until after my Spring Break holiday lol, I figured I might as well join in! I thought maybe I could lose another 13 pounds or even finally hit that 10%. I could not have imagined that I would be this successful.
The differences that stand out for me between this challenge and the other two are:
1) The support. This challenge in particular I let people know that I was doing it! I wasn’t shy about checking in with the (amazing) trainers or other Befitters about the challenge. I felt a bit of extra accountability, as well as tremendous support from all of the people whom I would regularly touch base with. I could not be more grateful to have every single one of you!
2) The workouts. I was working out at Befit 5-6x per week, which is the same as my other 2 challenges. However, this time I also tracked my steps and aimed for 20,000 plus, most days. The longer days and weather definitely helped to get some extra walks and hikes in!
3) The nutrition. I would say this was a huge factor in being more successful this challenge. What it really came down to was three meals a day, no snacking, and for the most part all protein and vegetables. It was just a matter of committing to it, day after day. Sugar-free gum and decaf tea helped me get through sometimes, but just enduring some hunger was definitely part of it.”
– Bev Brydon


“Over the last 12 weeks I have made some sustainable changes to get closer to my health and fitness goals. I made it to Befit 5-6 days a week and completed 30-45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill 4-5 days a week. I changed my eating habits to 3 meals a day and limited snacking. I allowed myself to indulge at social gatherings and made sure it only consisted of 10% of my week. I couldn’t have come this far without the support and guidance of the trainers at Befit, so thank you to everyone (especially Joe!). I am looking forward to continuing this new lifestyle.”
– Jordan Lovsin


“I first joined Befit almost 2 years ago. I only went to the gym 2-3 times a week and didn’t eat very well. I contemplated entering the Biggest Winner Challenge and finally decided to commit to it. I looked forward to the nutrition talk the day the challenge began. I had no idea how much the mental motivation part of the talk would stick with me. Most of this is mental. Making a conscious decision not to take that treat at work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and working out right to the beep all made a difference. As the pounds came off it made me work harder. I moved up to the fitness level from fundamentals.
On the path to achieving my goals I cut out treats, I didn’t snack after dinner, I limited carbs and ate more protein and veggies, and worked out 5 days a week.
I enjoy working out now and feel bad when I miss a day. ( never thought I would say that)
Thanks to all the Befit staff for their motivation and support. I look forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle.”
– Lesley Martin


“Week 1-6
– work out 4 times a week at bootcamp
– losing fat and gaining muscle. Not losing fat quickly after week 1, as muscle that I did not have before out weighs the fat I lost. Scale didn’t move quickly
– calorie count staying between 2200-2400
– eating clean = high protein, little carb, good fats
– after 4 weeks met with Josh to confirm good eating habits. Lots of changes, learning what changes needed to be made to work for me.Week 6-10
– work out 5 times a week at bootcamp and go for a run on saturdays
– large fat loss and muscle gaining slower. Starting to loose weight quickly. 2 pounds a week
– stop calorie counting as confident on what to eat and lowered calorie staying between 2000-2200
– eating clean = high protein, min carb, good fats
-not cheating during Halloween
– after 8 weeks met with Josh to confirm good eating habits. Minimal changes.Week 10-12
– work out 5 times a week at bootcamp, go for a run on weekends, last week would work out twice a day
– lowered calorie to max 2000
– eating super clean =very high protein, almost no carb, good fats. Last week no carbs or salt
-not cheating during Christmas holidays or New Years. Ok a odd drink here and there.Lbs lost
Week 1-2 = 7lbs
Week 3-4 =3lbs
Week 5-6 =2lbs
Week 7-8 =4lbs
Week 9-10 =4lbs
Week 11-12=9lbsTypical day
Morning: 4 eggs, turkey sausage and 10 almonds
Lunch: Half a rotisserie chicken, 1/4 cup rice and 1 cup greens
After work out:Protein shake
Dinner: 45g of protein, lots of veggies, good fats and little carbs
Snacks: Turkey sticks or popcorn or veggies.Coles notes on losing weight:
– Does not happen over night, no magic pills and 80% is what you eat.
– meal prep is a must so you don’t have any excuses to eat bad. Makes it easy to eat the right thing. Main courses and lots of good for you snacks in the fridge ready.
-learn how many calories are in foods so you are aware how bad they are for you. Knowledge is power and if you don’t know…..
-work out 4 times a week for 45 mins
-motivation. If that’s family, coaches or just the urge to win ;)”- Dayle Ehresman


“I have been a BEFIT member for 9 months now. I have been amazed by how great these workouts are each month. The support and encouragement from the trainers are like nowhere else. I am also blown away by the amazing members and how encouraging everyone has been. When I signed up for this challenge I really looked at it as an opportunity to invest 12 weeks in myself. I kept my diet low carb, low sugar, high protein and greens. I also made sure to get my daily water intake. If I was hungry for snacks I kept it to something protein based. In the beginning of the challenge I found my fitness pal app helpful to stay on track. Basically, I applied all the knowledge that was provided in Josh’s posts and kept it consistent. I was amazed at each weigh in to see the scale drop because after a few weeks of consistency I didn’t have to think about it anymore. I am so excited to continue this fitness journey. Thank you BEFIT!”
– Heather Smith


“Whatever you’ve read about Josh and the crew at BEFIT is absolutely true! If you want to work out with a great group of people and excellent trainers (who all know your name!) to accomplish things you never thought possible, this is the place to go. I love how passionate Josh is about the gym and the members and how willing he and the team are to support people at all levels of fitness. The recent Biggest Winner challenge was a great opportunity for me to assess how I was doing in terms of my commitment and nutrition. After seeing my wife Kelly achieve amazing results this year I accepted Josh’s challenge to take more control over what I was doing…and I am thrilled with the results. Thanks again to all the trainers and other members who provided much-needed inspiration (especially Ian T, who always shows up and puts in the work, and Mike C, who brings a great attitude every single day!).”
– Nathan Van Seters


“Joining BEFIT was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I decided to join after almost 2 years of being RELENTLESSLY asked by my friend to go with her, “you’ll love it & it’s amazing” she would tell me over and over. In Oct 2017 I finally gave in, I joined just in time for the 12 week challenge. Again, the best thing I have ever done for myself and she’s right, I do love it and it’s amazing.

The trainers are supportive and extremely helpful. You don’t have to think about what to do, it’s all planned out for you, you just have to show up and put in the effort, which is my favorite part. I’ve been to other gyms, but didn’t really know what to do, so I was not getting the results I wanted.

Now, I’ve joined this challenge and I want to win, which I did. I worked out 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day because I was enjoying it so much and I changed my eating 100%. I ate a whole food diet with healthy carbs and fats and as little sugar as possible. Eating this way helped me in other areas other than just weight loss. The amount of energy I have is insane, the strength I’ve gained in the last 12 weeks is amazing and the weight loss that I’m experiencing is more than I ever expected. I have lost 17% of my body weight and feel so good. I can’t wait to see what changes I will experience in the months to come.

If your on the fence like I was, just go for it.
I promise you, YOUR’RE worth it!!!”
– Lara Cardamone


“Joining BEFIT over a year ago was an easy decision, my intention was to try out the program for a couple of months and move on. Plan changed as I started to notice quick results in a very short amount of time. Continuous support from staff helped me stay committed to my health and fitness goals. Thank you to all of the very knowledgeable, highly motivated and extremely dedicated trainers at BEFIT. Go Packers!””
– Judge Turna


“Flashback 5 years and I’d put myself in a pretty deep hole. Tipping the scales at an unhealthy 270lbs, battling depression and injuries from too many bad life choices I decided to get myself back on track. I tried working with a personal trainer. Personal training did not work for me. I ended up with someone trying to plug me into a workout routine comparable to the BEFIT’s highest level of workouts. This was discouraging as mobility and conditioning was not addressed first and it put me off working out entirely for awhile. So I decided to start running. Did the Sun Run a couple times and Tough Mudder a couple times and pushed myself to do a half marathon. I think I got myself down to about 240lbs before walking in the door of BE 18 months ago.

I still remember my first BE session. I thought even with my conditioning from long slow distance running, but no strength training, that I would be fine. I was wrong. At the end of the first class I was white as a ghost and close to passing out (beginners don’t be discouraged by that statement, I could barely get through a sit-up as well). Each and every day after that for 15 months I slowly progressed through the first 2 levels of BE programming and have now been challenging myself on the BEfit workouts for the last 3 months or so. So why does BE work for me? Like most people I’m busy and I have more than enough to worry about throughout the day (and evening) with coworkers, customers, associates, competitors etc. that I just don’t have the time to piece together workouts that are fresh, challenging and keep me engaged. All I have to do is pick a time slot, show up, put in work and progress. BE is a fast paced, jam packed hour long workout.

This is different from other gyms I’ve experienced where most of the people there are just sitting around monopolizing equipment and taking selfies for their Tinder profiles. Nobody has time to deal with that nonsense. I’m a goal driven individual and once I reach my goals I set new ones. If you discuss your personal goals with the coaches at BE they will work with you to reach your goals. Josh helped me to shave 15mins off of my half marathon time by restructuring my workout regime. I don’t look back on where I was 5 years ago as a bad thing. I made lots of mistakes to get there but learning from mistakes is a natural part of growth. I’ve learned a lot on my journey and I’m now more vigilant now with my diet, exercise, the people I allow in my life and the situations I allow myself to be in. The hardest thing ahead of me now will be finding a new gym when I move (or convincing Josh to open another location).

So what are you waiting for? Set that first goal, smash it, celebrate for a moment and set a new one!”
– Dave McCullough


“I kept seeing the Biggest Winner Challenge on Facebook and kept thinking I should do this. Over the last few years I have slowly put on weight and had no motivation to do anything about it. Finally I decided I’m going to do it. I went to BEFIT, signed up for a 2 week trial, did a few days and then signed up for the challenge. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my health.
Over the years I have done weight loss programs before but I have never committed to an exercise program to help me lose weight. Exercise before was going for walks. I was nervous at first doing a bootcamp because I was so out of shape but the trainers were so encouraging that feeling soon disappeared. They always make sure you are doing the exercises properly and adjust the exercises if needed. With having three different fitness levels you work at your level.
The other part of this challenge was paying attention to what I was eating. Before the challenge I had gotten into a habit of eating too many snacks. I now think before I eat. I still don’t eat perfect, but I eat way better than I did before. Now I eat protein and veggies for every meal; eat healthy carbs, I don’t drink calories and I drink a lot of water.
I now feel better about myself and look forward to going to bootcamp. I will continue going to the bootcamps to lose more weight and continue getting stronger. I would like to thank the trainers and members at BEFIT for all their support and encouraging words. Doing the challenge was a huge accomplishment for me and showed me that if I commit and put my mind to it, I can do it.”
– Denise DeWolff


“I thought it was the end of the world when the gym I had been going to for 4 years closed its doors. It was the gym where Maxine and I met and we soon found ourselves searching Langley for another facility that would meet our needs… little did we know that 3 months later we would come across the BEFIT! Best Gym Ever!! The free week did it for me and I immediately signed up for 6 months.

After initially losing some weight, I found myself getting stronger and was soon able to celebrate small accomplishments like holding a 5-minute plank or doing a chin-up without a running start. I decided it was time to lose some more fat cells and with some encouragement from a couple of BE friends, I joined up for the Biggest Winner challenge! I stopped sabotaging myself and with much support from the BE trainers, other BE members, family and friends (especially my hubby – he learned to love fish with no complaints), I was able to lose 17 lbs over Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

BE has been part of my daily routine for 3 years now and I don’t ever see that changing…where else can you get a fun, challenging workout and meet the most amazing, supportive people! A big thank you to Josh, Karen, Jenn, Laurie, Alicia, Erick and Connor for knowing that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was and for always giving me that little extra push…and thank you to all my BE friends for always cheering me on! It was not the end of the world when that first gym closed down, it was the beginning of something truly amazing!”
– Kathy Gunter


“I’ve been coming to BEFIT just over three years now and it’s been one of the best decision I have ever made. I was never the guy to go to the gym, never had the motivation. I always assumed metabolism and some physical activity would be enough to maintain. However the weight slowly increased.

My wife and I tried a few different gyms before we finally found The BEFIT. It was recommended by a friend of ours that had gone through quite the physical transformation. I was impressed so we signed up for the trial. Honestly, I almost didn’t go back after the first day. It was quite the workout. But I stuck it out because I knew I needed to make a life change.

It took me a couple of years of attending Bootcamp to learn that you cannot simply show up to class and expect change. You have to work hard, show up everyday and eat right! Making life changes outside of the gym is just as important if not more. My wife and I now commit our weekends to preparing ourselves for success during the week.

Thanks to Josh and my Bootcamp family for all the amazing guidance and inspiration to continue to make positive changes in my life. Having a fun environment certainly has me coming back for more each week!”
– Derek Charles


“Joining BEFIT last October was the best decision regarding my health that I have ever made, hands down. I have been overweight my entire life. I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. My version of exercise was walking and doing a half ass job of a workout DVD in my basement.

This isn’t a fad, or a quick fix. This is my new lifestyle. Working out is now one of my priorities. Making time for me to better myself and my health is important; it’s important for me, my husband and my children. Since I joined last October I am proud to say I have lost over 110lbs. However, I am even more proud of seeing what my body is capable of. It’s very rewarding seeing myself getting physically stronger and doing things I never thought I would be able to do.

Josh, Karen, Alicia, Laurie and the other trainers are amazing. I can’t say enough good things about these people! I can not even put into words how much they have helped me over the past 7 months. Josh and Karen are two of the most motivating people I have ever met. I am very honoured and thankful to be a part of The BE Family. My journey has only just begun and I look forward to seeing what the rest of it will look like. “Excuses or results, not both” ;). True story.”
– Cathleena Mullen


“I have been training with BEFIT for almost 3 years. Since I’ve joined I have seen my fitness level get better and better with each passing month. The motivation at the gym is constant and really there doesn’t seem to be a better place for me to go to unwind after a day’s work or to get my day started. BEFIT has given me and other members the tools and support needed to achieve the goals we set.

This past three months a group of amazing people took on a challenge to lose as much weight as we all could and be the BIGGEST WINNERS that we all know we are. I personally lost 46 pounds with the help of Josh and his staff of trainers. I can’t say enough about how the staff at the gym with the knowledge that they have and the enthusiasm that they share they make it a place that even the newest members feel welcomed. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone that took part in the challenge and to thank Josh and his staff at BEFIT .”
– John Bone


“In 2013, I relocated to the lower mainland from the central interior. It was a big change for me ? new work environment and away from my friends and family. I was inactive. I ate out frequently, and got out of shape fast. I wanted to get back in shape and tried many different gyms and activities, but none worked for me. It was only recently that I found BEFIT, and I felt right at home. Josh was always helpful as well as the rest of the staff, Karen, Alicia and Laurie. I have a few issues with my knees but I was told to modify and do what I can. It’s a non-threatening environment where everyone does their best at their own fitness level.

I didn’t think I could workout five or six days a week, but I did. I felt stronger and invigorated after each session, and have benefited greatly from the entire body workout approach. I especially appreciate Josh’s regular emails/reminders to stay committed and consistent. One of his many gems that stuck in my head was that you can’t out exercise your diet. He keeps things simple… good diet and regular workouts = results. I am grateful for the Bootcamp staff, and thrilled with my journey into a healthier lifestyle.”
– May Simith


“I always been very active in my whole life speed skating and bicycle trials riding. I moved to Canada (best place on earth ) and started working and had no time to ride on the daily basis. I got into weight lifting in 2002 until 2008, and gained a lot of muscle but never did any cardio. I pretty much walked away from any exercise for the last 5 years and got into the bad eating habits and weekend drinking with friends which is a lot of fun I’m not going to lie. 😀

Weight started to pile up pretty quick and the more I gained the less motivated I felt to do anything until 2013 when I signed up to BEFIT! I was pretty motivated at first but again lost interest and motivation and most importantly never watched my diet. I was watching people like Troy, Derek, and Randy for example to get into the best shape of their life and losing a lot of weight and getting fitter and fitter every day. I decided that I needed to kickstart my life and by signing up to The Biggest Winner contest I feel that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I weighed in at 301 pounds and shaved off 51 pounds in 3 months. I know it makes you go wow that’s insane and yes it is hard but doable by proper diet and doing extra cardio every day 5-6 times per week. I switched my diet and pretty much ate chicken and green vegetables mainly, also protein shakes with coconut milk and a banana here and there. I cut out any sorts of wheat out my diet and minimized my carb intake. I did have alcoholic drinks once every two weeks maybe but absolutely no sugar . Vodka and diet pop or soda is a better choice . My blood pressure dropped from 150/110 to 110/70 and my resting heart rate 68 to 54 which is pretty awesome I think. I feel a 100 times better and healthier now but my challenge isn’t over yet I plan on keep losing weight and getting stronger but after this challenge I have to have some PIZZA!! :)))

I truly can say there is no other place that I could do this but BEFIT! This place not only helps you to change lifestyle but also meet some amazing people and friends. Thank you Josh, Karen, Jenn, Laurie, Alicia, Erick, and Conner for your support and kicking my ass when I’m dogging it! Also thank you all the members for cheering me on and with the kindest words and as I’m writing this I have tears in my eyes to think back some of you say the nicest compliments to me. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!”
– Szilard Kecskes


“Prior to BEFIT my world was full of excuses not to exercise ? family, a demanding job, long hours, and commuting to work, they just seemed to take all of my time and I was tired at the end of every day. I kept saying to myself “I will exercise and I will eat right….. one day soon. One day soon got me nowhere, except adding more weight as time ticked away. Diabetes is in my family and as I continued to add weight while watching those around me suffer from the disease, I knew I had to get rid of the excuses. A colleague at work told me about BEFIT, I enrolled in The Biggest Winner challenge and said to myself just try it for 3 months.

My only goal at that time was to stick it out. Hopefully I would feel better, learn to enjoy the workouts and continue to show up. And not quit like I had in the past. As I started to progress, I also started think more and more about the science of food and what it did to your body. I cut out sugar and wheat. My diet consists mainly of vegetables, lots of salad (always did love salad), protein and I closely watched my dairy intake. I think my biggest weakness for snacking is cheese (love cheese more than salad). I look at food totally different today. Trying to keep blood sugar as stable as I can is a big one. I did not have diabetes, but have learned to become very conscious of the havoc different foods can do on insulin and sugar levels. It has really helped. I do have a cheat day though and limit the cheat as best I can. It’s not a whole day of cheating, just a little bit of my favorite cheating foods. I am finding the more I get into this exercise thing the better I feel and the better I eat. I leave work on time now to make it to the 4:30 session.

I’ve learned you have to commit to making your health a priority…… One day soon doesn’t cut it. You won’t show up to work or your life if you don’t have your health. I am grateful to the trainers for the encouragement and help. Thank you! It’s been a great experience and reality check that you can do it, if you commit and put your mind to it. One day soon was three months ago. It has been extremely rewarding and a lot of fun! I love showing up now. I took heart to the slogans “no excuses” and “mind over matter.” I kept remembering what someone I know once said, you can achieve almost anything if you work hard enough at it.”
– Kelly Hough


I remember my wife and I returning from a family vacation from Mexico in March 2014 and feeling like it was time to get back in shape. There was just too much food, drinks and lying by the pool getting more out of shape and feeling guilty about it. After years of prioritizing our young family, careers and embracing a sedentary lifestyle, the effects started to become overwhelming.

When I attended the first boot camp class, I remembered thinking this was crazy. I have not been active for the last 6 years due to marriage and having a young family. To say that I found it challenging was a huge understatement. I can remember it like it was yesterday, the warm up literally wiped me out. That said, I immediately made friends with some of the people there and will never forget when Maxine complimented me after I felt I did a horrible job keeping up with the class. Other members would say just keep it up and it will get easier. I thought to myself these guys are nuts… but nevertheless I did keep it up. Another memory I had was when I first started to choose weights for renegade rows and looked beside me and saw Karen (the trainer) lifting more than me. LOL. For a guy, there are few words to describe that feeling. In short I can say I did not feel like I could conquer the world at all, but I did keep going. After a few months in and still pushing just to keep up or finish a circuit I remember Josh telling my (while I was keeled over hands on knees gasping that I should choose if I want results or excuses). I remember being challenged but never feeling like I had to prove anything to anyone but myself.

6 months passed I consistently attended 3 or 4 times per week. I gained significant core strength and lost 25lbs overall. This was a great feeling and my energy levels were higher than ever. Josh spoke to me and said that I should join the biggest winner contest, I remembered feeling instantly hesitant. After thinking it over I committed to the challenge. I am a competitive guy so once I committed, I was all in. I remember telling my wife that if I could lose just 10% of my weight I would be more than happy. The biggest point of contention for me was giving up all of the foods I was used to. But, if you are committing to something then you better put 2 feet in. I remember mentoring a University class and telling them that their biggest limiting factor is their own mind. How could I commit to making better lifestyle choices without committing to making the changes necessary to achieve them. In a business book I recently read an acronym was used. It was “KFC”, not the fried chicken place. It stood for “know what you want to achieve, find out what you need to change to get there, and change what you need to in order to achieve it”. Simply said, you need to be fully committed to reach your potential and you are the only one who limits that potential.

I changed what I ate completely, cut out all empty calories, tripled my lean proteins and halved my carbs while maintaining a balanced diet. I did not eat anything from a can, box or package and stuck to real whole food that were alive, tons of greens and fresh lean proteins. Honestly, I did not have to limit what I ate because I started coming 5 days a week at 6am. Also I drank 4 liters of water a day. I think my body went into shock because the weight started to fly off faster then I put it all on. My energy levels have not been this high since I was 20 years old and in top physical shape from martial arts. I have made some awesome friends at the BEFIT and am committed to pay this forward.

If you feel like you are ready for a positive change and want to commit, I implore you to do so. When you do it make sure you define your “why” and make sure that it pulls at your heart strings because change is hard at first, but once you are in, make sure you are all in. Please feel free to ask me about the journey of losing my weight because if I could do it so can you. In total I have lost 65 lbs over the last 9 months and want to thank the Bootcamp team and all my friends for the support and encouragement.
Look forward to seeing you at the next 6am class!”
– Troy Sinclair


“12 weeks ago I signed up for The Biggest Winner challenge. I had been coming to boot camp at that point for about 4 months. I was stronger and fitter for sure but I hadn’t seen any movement on the scale. Once I started the challenge my mindset changed and I started looking at food differently. In our meetings Josh would give us nutritional info and inspiration to keep going. The one thing that really stuck for me, the thing I thought about everyday was about instant gratification. Sure if I eat that cookie right now I would probably really really enjoy it, but wouldn’t I enjoy the gratification of reaching my weight loss goal so much more?

Something else that really worked for me was to schedule my workouts on Sunday. Yes I am a total nerd and kept a binder for the challenge. I would look at my work schedule and then decide where I could fit workouts in and write them on my calendar. I couldn’t stand the thought of crossing them off because I just didn’t feel like going so it helped me stick to the schedule.
I couldn’t have finished this challenge without my new friends and the trainers at BEFIT. Yes I am the one who did the hard work, turned down the baked goods, refrained from eating chocolate santas for breakfast because there are no rules at Christmas and stuck to water at many holiday parties. But without the texts, emails and Facebook messages, the words of encouragement or Laurie adding extra weight when I wasn’t looking I wouldn’t have finished let alone won. So thanks everyone! I’m already looking forward to losing my next 10 percent!”
– Emily


“I joined bootcamp at the start of the summer after being recommended by Marcus, a long time member as well as a co-worker and friend of mine. I had never been to a boot camp or any other type of group training so I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. From day one Josh and his team made me feel extremely comfortable starting from a very beginner fitness level to where I am today.

The type of workouts Josh puts together along with the nutritional information have allowed me to reach and set new goals faster than I ever thought. If you ask anyone that knows or works out with me BEFIT has truly changed my life. My success from the biggest winner challenge this fall was the result of 100% consistency, both in getting my workouts in 4-5 times a week as well as building a solid meal plan. Preparing meals at the start of each week had a positive impact on my energy levels for my workouts and decreased my chances of making the wrong choices. I never felt guilty having a higher fat or calorie meal here and there because I would make sure it was built into my weekly plan.

The most valuable aspect of Bootcamp to my success is the many new friends I’ve met in the 7:30PM time slot. These people along with Josh and his trainers are your biggest keys to success that you won’t get at your everyday gym. Thank-you to Felix for challenging me and making sure I get to every workout, Rani for the nutrition and meal planning tips, Rene and Gary for making me comfortable at boot camp right from the start, and of course Marcus for getting me to suck it up and start in the first place.

Overall boot camp is a challenge I need in my life to help reach goals I find very difficult to achieve at a contemporary gym. Thanks again Josh and your team, you definitely have a BEFIT advocate for life.”
– Jeff Turner


“The Biggest Winner Challenge was a huge accomplishment for me. Having an actual start and finish date really made a difference on my commitment. I hit the gym 4 plus days a week and changed my eating. I completely cut out all dairy, wheat and sugar, basically going Paleo with protein shakes and bars (lots of water). The support of all the trainers and new friends I’d made was so encouraging and helpful. It IS an extended family; you are always greeted with smiles and welcomed to every class. It is such a positive and energetic atmosphere. I will keep on making myself the best “ME” I can be and I know The BEFIT Team will support me in all my challenges.
I LOVE IT There!!!”
– Marla Giacomazzi


“When I signed up for the Biggest Winner, I knew that I would get great results by following the food guide that Josh gave us (she’s talking about BE Fit Nutrition). After all, I did lose 11 pounds my first month by eating the same way! So once we were given our package, I sat down and read it over. I then highlighted all the foods I would eat and took that list to the store and stocked up. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t need to change my foods a lot to keep me interested, so I only slightly changed up my meals each week. I’m also a “go hard or go home” kind of person. So knowing that cutting out all grains/sugar/alcohol would give me better results I did that too. Since I was not eating carbs (besides veggies/fruit) I eat quite frequent. Every 2-3 hours. Even though I have such a predictable meal plan, I still logged it all down, everyday into My Fitness Pal. Everything..even gum. Sometimes you forget all the small things in the day and they really do add up!

This is a sample menu for me and also a very typical day:
Breakfast ? Either Turkey Bacon with avocado and tomatoes or eggs with avocado and sauteed veggies
Snack ? Vega Sport Protein Shake w/ mixed berries.
Lunch ? Raw mixed veggies ? usually snap peas, celery, peppers, tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil and a grilled chicken breast or grilled shrimp
Snack ? Vega bar or a ground turkey mixture with veggies in a lettuce wrap.
Dinner ? Chicken Fajita salad ? (I make my own seasoning without salt, I never use that chemical packaged loaded with salt.) ? Sauteed chicken, peppers/onions and fresh tomatoes with organic salsa and hot sauce over a bead of lettuce. SO GOOD.
Snack ? Some sort of protein, whatever I have in the fridge usually and a small handfull of nuts.
I also stopped having a cheat meal. For me, it didn’t work. Not that the cheat meal doesn’t work, but in my head. So instead of a cheat meal, I would have a few cookies or chocolate instead, I have a sweet tooth so this worked well for me.

Even though the 12 weeks are finished, I am still eating this way. I feel so much better having cut out grains and dairy, I don’t miss it. It gets easier as the time goes by, I promise!”
– Kim Dean


“After reading thru the book that Josh gave me (he’s talking about the BE Fit Nutrition rules), I decided to change what I was eating. The first thing that I did was I eliminated gluten from my diet and all processed foods. If it was in a can or premade I didn’t have it. I also I stoped having coffee and pop and drank only water and protein shakes. I also tried to eat smaller meals throghout the day. For breakfast, I would start with cereal or oatmeal and then try to eat protein and fresh veggies alternateing every 2 to 3 hours while at work. Once I got home I would usually have chicken or fish with hot veggies or a salad . I also tried to not eat anything after 8 pm.

I usually saved Saturday for my cheat meal but sometimes I would mix it up and do it on a Friday. Usually my cheat meal would be eating out at a restraunt or eating premade food. The two things that I focussed on avoiding were gluten and booze, everything else was fairgame for my cheat meal.”
– Shane Clifford


“I joined BEFIT more out of support for someone else, to be their accountability. Then once I got going on Bootcamp I was hopelessly addicted! With the trainers and other bootcampers getting along so well, it is a great environment to exercise and workout in. I consider everyone at Boot camp my friends, and I feel like I owe everyone an explanation if I miss a class when I am usually a regular. I love the multiple options on times in the evening, it fits into my hectic work schedule no problem. I signed up slightly before The Biggest Winner 2.0 contest started, and following a four boot camps per week schedule and taking diet tips from Josh and the other trainers, I lost over 10% of my starting body weight! I still have some weight to lose, and I will stick with BEFIT  because I know it works! Thank you BEFIT!”
– Jon Mason


“I started the summer program of BEFIT with the intention of getting in shape. I have now gone through almost two months and not only do I feel more energetic I am now purely addicted to working out. I never want to miss a night and if I do I feel guilty ( like a kid caught with his hand in the candy jar ).

I have never felt like this at a gym, where I would have dropped out by now. I owe alot to Josh and his training. He is very personable, knowledgeable, encouraging and yet makes you work for it. I won’t tell you it is easy, somethings you have to work for and I know this is one of them but with Josh on your side he will help you see and achieve your goals.”
– Stacey McKay


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