The Biggest Winner 24 Weight Loss Challenge

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Here’s a look back at our 24th Biggest Winner 12-week weight loss challenge!

The goal for our participants is to lose 10% of their starting body weight within 12 weeks. This challenge is not just about dropping pounds quickly—it’s about developing lasting, healthy habits that will benefit them in the long run and help keep the weight off long term.

One of the things I like reiterate throughout the challenge is not stressing about the weight and losing the weight slowly.

It’s about .5lb lost each week.
It’s about 1lb lost per week.

These are the types of numbers that move metaphorical mountains long term.

In that regard, our lates all star of the month Jaelyn just lost 50lbs in 1 year. That sounds amazing and that’s quite a feet, but when you break it down that’s less than 1lb per week.

That’s consistency
That’s sustainability.
And that’s what we want for our participant in our weight loss challenges.

Now that the challenge is over, we implore all participants to have a strategic re-feed.

Please note, the word strategic…

This can be employed by having carbs post workout, or having a re-feed weekend where you eat more calories on Saturday and Sunday compared to your daily calorie average of Monday-Friday.

Please note, we don’t want you to count calories…

This strategy can be used while still trying to lose weight (or even just maintaining weight for a period of time while you eat more), so that you can build up or maintain your metabolism for future weight loss success.

Because the last thing we want you to do is starve yourself for 12 weeks, lose weight, and then regain it after the challenge. That’s actually worse than losing the weight in the first place, as you’ll probably end up losing muscle and will subsequently have a higher body fat in the long term if you regain the weight you lost.

So moving forward:

– Keep the protein intake high
– Know what works for your body (carbs or fat)
– Choose healthy options for 90% of your meals with strategic re-feeds when you earn them or when they are planned in your week
– And perhaps most importantly, believe in your ability to achieve what you set out to do.

Because it’s not an easy road…

Its a weight loss journey with peaks and valley.
weight loss

So it’s building that mental discipline and working on your mindset during that time.

– Saying no to crabs and saboteurs in your life
– Not being discouraged by small weekly losses (because that could equal 50lbs in a year!)
– Trusting that the effort you put in this week will show up next week
– And understanding that your body needs time to adjust and respond to changes

As always, our role as personal trainers and coaches is to provide you with guidance, structure, and accountability throughout these challenges and beyond. We’re here to help integrate healthy habits into your everyday life, making steady progress toward fitness and fat loss goals being disciplined while still enjoying life’s moments.

And with that said, here is our weight loss stats for Biggest Winner 24:

  • Total participants – 80
  • Total weight lost – 833.6lbs
  • Average weight lost per participant – 10.4lbs per person


langley weight lossHayley completed 72 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging  6 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

Here are a few words from Hayley:
“I had wanted to sign up to BEFIT for a couple years, but I always had an excuse. I mostly thought I was too out of shape to join. I had been doing community centre classes for awhile, when I heard about the Biggest Winner challenge. I thought it was a good opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that I did! I was intimidated at first because I thought everyone would already be super fit all stars, but was glad to see that there is a huge range of fitness levels in each class and the coaches are all so friendly and helpful. I love that everyone has their own little station and I got into a groove of showing up for the 5:30am class everyday (even when I really wanted to sleep in!)

For the challenge, I committed to going to SWEAT classes 6 days a week for the entire 12 weeks, no matter what. I figured if I didn’t win, I would at least have a great sense of accomplishment from that. I still had my community centre gym pass, so I would use the treadmill there to get my steps in. I knew there were people in the challenge getting 20,000+ steps from working on their feet etc, so I really tried to get at least 15,000 steps a day. I’d say this was my biggest challenge because going to a class and the gym in the same day felt crazy at first, but it really made a difference and gave me faster results than I’ve had in the past. After seeing some meal prep examples on the Biggest Winner Facebook page, I knew that there were a lot of very committed people in this challenge and I used that as motivation every time I wanted to have a cheat/treat. If other people could eat chicken breast and broccoli everyday, I can too! I ate a lot of scrambled eggs with egg whites, green veggie stir frys with chicken breast or salmon and turkey taco lettuce wraps.

I’m excited to continue on after this challenge and see where BEFIT classes can take me!”

langley weight loss
Derek completed 62 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging  4.8 STRENGTH workouts/week and .4 SWEAT workouts/week.

Here are a few words from Derek:
“Life always seems to find a way to creep in and throw my fitness journey on a detour…but BEFIT always seems to be there to kick my butt back on track. I love the 12 week challenge because it allows me to re-focus on what matters – doing the little things day in and day out that I tend to forget when life gets hard. A Little thing like consistency…

Consistently showing up to my 530 am workout regardless of how i feel, especially on the days when staying home and being comfortable is very tempting. Consistency in making better meal choices – not always perfect, but 90% of the time being mindful of what goes on my plate. Those two things helped me get through the past 12 weeks, and hopefully will continue to keep me on track!

Big appreciation for the support and encouragement/well intentioned peer pressure from my 530 fam, and of course the fantastic BEFIT trainers. What a great community to be part of.”

These individuals all lost at least 10% of their initial bodyweight in 12 weeks.

weight loss langleyVenny completed 66 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 5.5 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

weight loss langley
Tamara completed 59 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 4 SWEAT workouts/week and .9 STRENGTH workouts/week.

weight loss langley
Jen completed 45 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 3.8 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

lose weight langley

Charlene completed 34 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 2.8 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

langley weight loss
Caroline completed 28 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 2.3 workouts/week comprised entirely of STRENGTH.

langley weight loss
Erin completed 41 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 2.3 SWEAT workouts/week and 1.1 STRENGTH workouts/week.

langley weight loss
Mansi completed 58 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 4.8 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

weight loss langley
Ravi completed 59 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 4.9 workouts/week comprised entirely of SWEAT.

These individuals just narrowly missed 10% but gave an amazing effort for the 12 weeks.

weight loss langley
Emily completed 69 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 5 SWEAT workouts/week and .8 STRENGTH workouts/week.
weight loss langley bc
Tyler completed 28 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 2.3 workouts/week comprised almost entirely of SWEAT.
lose weight langley
Kris completed 43 workouts in 12 weeks, averaging 3.6 workouts/week comprised entirely of LVFIT.

Closing thoughts…

The average attendance of the individuals in these challenge that achieve over 10% is consistently over 4 workouts/week. For this challenge, it was an average of 4.4 workouts/week and with that total, many of these individuals who had lower stats went on vacations and were adding in supplemental runs on the weekend (that weren’t added to this total).

The moral of the story…

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Doing something consistently for 12 weeks and beyond being mindful of your body, your stress, your nutrition, your movement, and your exercise.

We’ll see you in the gym!

Committed to your success,
Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS

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