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Hey guys,

This post is about something I would like to get off my chest. Something that you need to know…

Because there is a big lie going around. It is the biggest lie in fitness.


And that lie is this:

If you just have the information you are going to be ok.

If you just knew which nutritional program to follow, which rep range to follow, which exercise to do, everything we’ll be ok.

So, I’ll have you consider something then…

Even when you have all that, you know what nutrition program to follow, what exercises to do, you still wont get results. You see all that information is already available to you right now. There is great info out there, and you will get results, but ONLY IF YOU ARE CONSISTENT WITH IT.


But do you get results? Have you gotten results? How many times have you gotten this info, or maybe too much info? You subscribe to this person, like this facebook page… Too much information is overwhelming, and it is gives you paralysis by analysis.

You Need More Ready. Fire. Aim.



You already know everything you need to be successful.

The truth, the biggest truth in the fitness industry, is THERE NEEDS TO BE A RUTHLESS COMMITMENT TO CHANGE!


And 3 things are required of you:

#1 – You do what is required
#2 – You do what you said you would do
#3 – You do it in spite of your thoughts feelings emotions and moods.

Cause otherwise every thought going through your head is like I don’t want to do this, I don’t feel like it, I’m in a crappy mood….

And the question becomes why don’t you do the things you said you we’re gonna do?

The nutrition program you had…

The training program you had…

Even the best information on the planet does nothing when you don’t help yourself follow through with the commitment you made to yourself.

There are 2 things crucial and essential to results!

#1 – A holy cause – that deep burning desire – that voice burning inside saying this is what I need to do, pushing you through times of hardship. YOUR WHY DOES MATTER, and you better know it!

#2 – Accountability from a coach, trainer, a group of people or community that is calling you out on your bullshit, pushing you, making you follow through when you said you were gonna do something. Accountability to expert advice, coaches that care, this is what you need to do. Association with other people going through the same struggles – the same fires that you have, but are committed to get it done, communities who care, real interaction with real people…

Because otherwise the information does nothing..

I would have you consider, from my experience from training thousands of people I can give you the best information, but that is not empowering…

Empowering is when YOU MAKE a choice, when YOU KNOW you can do it, when YOU HAVE a group of people to hold you to the fire and hold you accountable…

It’s time to drop the lie that information is enough.

Information is necessary, but you don’t need it all, you just need the next step and the next step…

Because success really just means succession, the next thing, and better is better because we never truly get to the ultimate goal, that ultimate goal doesn’t exist…

Then I’d have you consider…

That if you are committed and making decisions and you make that choice to take that step forward…

Then this is it. You take that step forward and you make the change, and you stop convincing yourself that there is something you don’t know that will change your world.

But there is something YOU WILL DO that will change your world.

And then you take that action. Consistently and Persistently with a holy cause driving you, and with people around you supporting you.

Everything you need is inside you.

Be Accountable. Write the action you are going to take below. Our bootcamp community will help you see it through.

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