The best blog post I have ever written

Originally posted February 14, 2011.

How do you define success?

Although people are very different, we possess many of the same desires. Whether it be:

  • having a fit body that looks good naked
  • having a healthy body so you can be around to play with your grandkids
  • getting those coveted abs that you have always wanted
  • making big money
  • being famous
  • finding the love of your life
  • attaining true happiness and that overall sense that everything is right in your world
  • having a job/career that is significant, and congruent with your passion and contributes to the well being of other’s lives
  • being financially stable so you do not have to worry about bills
  • having the freedom you want to live the life of your dreams without fear of failure, all the while growing as a person in your daily knowledge, wisdom, and experience…

How did I do – is that close? I hope when you were reading that list you started producing images in your mind of your dream life full of your personally defined successes. You may even have started to get all energized…

Now my question to you now is how are you progressing? If the answer is nowhere, roadblocked, or gridlocked and you are not making headway on desire highway, then in reality, you have only yourself to blame.

And I am here to tell you, it’s all within you – enter the subconscious feedback loop, the internal system in your brain that regulates your every expectation, feeling, thought, action, and idea of the world. We’re talking everything that defines you! This system is always running and it is the program that affects everything you do and everything you are.

So what if I said you could reprogram your mind to do things differently without you ever realizing it…

To start, you need to know what you really are and who you really are (you’re not a dinosaur).

Most people have 2 versions of themselves – who we are in our day to day and who we really are (that inner rock star that has been hidden away from the world by social conditions, circumstance (no money/where we live) and lack of knowledge). And when you start acting and becoming that inner rock star, void of these controls you will be truly happen and flourish. Why? See when you tap into your inner rock star and start communicating at this core level of identity, you will subconsciously attract the things you want in life – other people will even be subconsciously attracted to you if they share a similar identity. Does this make sense to you? So if you have a negative attitude, you will attract these type of people into your life – and the cycle will continue…

Like the movie Inception, your subconscious is really in control, so you need to guide it (more on this later) and with the proper guidance it will create and mould your core identity. Still with me? For example, if you truly don’t believe in a product you sell you will be a shitty salesman, if you truly don’t believe you can be the fittest person in the room you wont be. You need to implant that idea in your mind!

Ask yourself this – who is your true self – who do want to be? This isn’t just something you can think about in 10 minutes. You have to really work at this, and unfortunately your brain will try to trick you and lie to you. So sift through the crap that has been put over your eyes, and don’t crave things – you will get nowhere! When thinking about your true self you need to crave experience and identity – crafted by your experiences, beliefs and values – see the problem is what we all really want is a new life – get out of that mindset – stop dreaming about it! How do you create a new life? Well a life is made up of individual days, so start thinking about your ideal day – ala the key to what you really want, and your true self.

Here is the biggest question you will be asked today: if there were no limitations or consequences what would your perfect average day look like? (You could do this day over and over again forever).

This is not witchcraft, this is science. And though I may teeter on the edge of “normal” on a regular basis, there is much that we need to consider when discussing this system and its power on the subconscious mind.

You have the power to alter your own judgement.

The world is viewed differently by everyone. You and I may be looking at the same thing, but our environment, upbringing, and experiences will shape our perception of reality and then we will experience something completely different. Reality is actually how we perceive the world. Your reality is different from my reality. Let me reiterate that, two people viewing the same things will see and experience different things. For example, when you pull up to BEFIT., you may feel anxious about the hard work that you are about to endure. When I pull up, it is a completely different experience! (If I told you what I think in my mind then you would get a huge incite into my core identity). 😉

If you are intrigued by what goes through my mind, you can personally ask me. In addition, we can see glimpses of these different perspectives in the art all over the world. Some people can create masterpieces out of clay, while others are lost.

Overall, your success and how you view the world is influenced by 2 major factors:

  • the people you associate with
  • the thoughts that enter your mind

Let me provide you with an example:

Crabs in a bucket, here they are, yes, crabs in a bucket! Did you know that fisherman don’t bother to put a lid on a bucket of crabs, because they will never escape.  Why, well if one crab makes a run for it, he will be dragged down to the bottom by all the other crabs in the bucket. Crabs do this instinctively (now can you think of people doing the same)? We all have crabs in our lives, whether they be friends, coworkers, or family members.

So here it seems like a simple solution – get rid of the crabs in your life!

If you want to start attaining the life of your dreams, you need to be around people that support this life of your dreams. Some people may say they are there to support you, but if they are doubting your crazy ideas, and telling you to assimilate to safe mode well then they’re a crab. You need to surround yourself with people who are at or wanting to be at where you want to be – these are people that inspire, motivate, and encourage others to break free from safe mode.

Next you have to attack the thoughts that enter your mind. Negative thoughts will influence your feedback loop and control, alter and manage your subconscious. And in turn, your subconscious mind controls your conscious mind and will prevent you from obtaining your goal.

Say you want the best body you have ever had, for you to have this, you need to attend a gym or a bootcamp and work out. In order for you to do this you need to take action and drive yourself there repeatedly day after day. For you to take action, you need to make a decision to do something. Your decision is controlled by your thoughts and your thoughts are formed by the input that goes into your conscious and subconscious mind. And this could have all been triggered by the show you consistently watch on tv of “attractive people” with great bodies (your input).

To recap:

Your best body > work out > action > decision > thoughts > input

That input comes from the things you watch, listen to, read and surround yourself with. If you want to be fit, you are more likely to achieve that goal if you surround yourself with fit, like minded people, and not fat couch potatoes.

For example, if the thoughts in my mind are of danger and fitness being too painful, I am never going to succeed in my weight loss goal, as I will always subconsciously be struggling with the reason why I am there, and I will quit long before I have obtained my goal.

So that’s how your mind works – whether you want to acknowledge it or not. So if you are able to mange the input that is coming in and affecting your subconscious feedback loop then you will be able to influence your thoughts, decisions, actions, and most importantly your happiness. Don’t put yourself in situations where you feel unempowered! You need to stay in a positive state to make change.

And how do we do that?

NLP – neuro-linguistic-programming – change your mind – change the way you think and you will become a different person. I used to love going out and drinking, I have reprogrammed my mind not to like it anymore as it is not congruent with my core identity (who I truly am), and my desires in life. The same goes for crap food. If I eat food that is not congruent with my fitness goal, it will create a negative emotion in my head and now I will only think of how I have to work harder in the gym, and why would I make things harder for myself? When I say reprogram my mind, I refer to things such as the neural connections in my brain. It’s like this, you can learn French when you are young, but if you stop thinking and speaking French, then this knowledge will be pruned from your brain and these neural connections will disappear, and you will cease to know the language of love anymore. These connections become stronger when more thought is put into them. Hint: So think about succeeding often!

Warning: Positive Onslaught:

Get in that powered state where thoughts are positive, and anchor that state to an action, object, or thing. While writing this article, I noticed my state changed because my input was changing (editing and thinking about being positive). When I started writing this, I was in a negative state, and at its conclusion, I am highly powered up and in a positive state. By writing this blog, I was able to put myself in a powerful and positive mindset – now those are two words that belong together – powerful and positive!

There is nothing powerful about negative.

Here’s a good place to start –   get an object, and put it in your pocket, and only touch that object when you are in that positive powered state. And keep doing this, everytime you are in a positive state, touch that object. Now next time, when you are in a negative state, touch that object like you did when you were in a positive state and think about the same thoughts that had you in the positive state. Since you have created neural connections in your brain. You will now put yourself in a highly positive powered state. It’s science, not science fiction, and it takes practice!

Speaking of the unexplainable, there are companies that sell water with words such as love and gratitude that can effectively clean polluted water – being a man of science, I have no way of explaining that but then there are remarkable things out there that can be accomplished in a positive state – mind altering/bending phenomenons.

Anything is possible.

I would say this has been the best blog post I have ever written. I believe that, and I want you to share it with anyone you care about – even if they be a crab.

In conclusion, get out there and leave it all out there, – physically, emotionally, intellectually – dare to ask questions, dare to fail, fail often, learn from those failures, be mindful of your thoughts, and keep them directed to that core goal and see you on the other side (I used to call it The Bootcamp Effect ;))

It’s now BEFIT.

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