The 7 Deadly Sins of Bootcamp

With the Halloween season over, and a thankful goodbye to all the horror movies, zombies, and spookiness in the air, it has got me thinking… I need a tribute to the season and the most frightful things that occur at our Langley Bootcamp.

So I give to you, The Bootcamp Effect’s 7 Deadly Sins

Quick scare alert >>>>>Don’t click on this link if you hate burpees<<<<<<<<<<

The 7 deadly sins – break them and experience a life full of broken mirrors and unhappiness with your body. This is a battle that only you can win and only you can beat yourself.  Throughout this dangerous read, you will find hope with others that have followed the light and avoided the 7 deadly sins of bootcamp.

So let thee guide you through this underworld of magma and snakes into the garden of eden where you shall find true content and live long healthy lives (am I getting mythical enough for you yet?)

1. Gluttony – Bootcampers all over the land struggle with the tempting fruits that lay before them. This is the number 1 sin plauging our Langley bootcamp. Be a glutton and be unhappy with meeting your fat loss goal. The honey badger is a glutton and is forced to roam the wilderness alone for eternity!!! Stray from the serpents that offer you candy and treats. Discipline is beautiful, and so is success!

Guilty – Jason Robertson is guilty of eating a balanced diet and losing 17lbs in the month of October.

2. Lust – Lusting for your goal weight, like a roided up Olympian is another one of the 7 deadly sins of bootcamp. With lust, you may become a one dimensional cyclops and diminish your outlook and flavor on life and forget what is really important. So keep your eyes on your goal, and don’t get lost in the labyrinth on the path to success.

Guilty – Ian Tate is guilty of leading a balanced life and balancing bootcamp, cycling, swimming, running, Sunday Funday, a job, and a family of 5.

3. Greed – Greed is not good Wall Street! Greed is your love for the bootcamp and your workouts with your newfound family and not sharing it with your life outside of bootcamp, so that others may enjoy our fun themed workouts.

Guilty – Terri Wallace is guilty of the gift of giving and referred 3 people in the month of October, and given free bootcamp for a month and a half.

4. Wrath – The context of wrath at our bootcamp is not dishing out enough of it! Unleash your wrath on the ropes, on the boxing bags, on the medicine balls, on the gods!!!! And you will feel vindication in knowing you gave your all, and peace and rest shall be yours!

Guilty – Stacie Beavis is guilty of wrath on the boxing bags! Leon Chambers would be proud of the flurry…of the FURY!

5. Sloth – The failure to utilize your talents and gifts in life at bootcamp is one of the deadliest sins. The gift to give it your all with 2 arms and legs is truly a blessing. I do what I do to make differences in people lives, and have a calling that is in a positive setting, and it pains me when sloth is present. Absolutely sinful at my Langley Bootcamp.

Guilty – Marie Moats is guilty of utilizing her talents and her heart and living up to the potential I know she will fulfill, because I never hear anything but hard work and breathing from her at bootcamp.

6. Envy – Wanting what other got, what the gods have? Immortality? Aphrodite’s beauty? Athena’s wisdom? Whether envy be your own personal seige on Troy, there is no room for it inside Boot Camp U. Everyone is there to help each other. Teamwork is the name of the game, and together, everyone achieves more.

Guilty – Craig McMaster is guilty of having the envious streak of 52 bootcamp classes in a row. I envy that man (wooops 🙂 )

7. Pride – Considered the deadliest and the source of the seven deadly sins. You should proceed with caution if pride is in your heart as that is how injuries occur at a bootcamp. Trying to do exercises when you know your shoulder is hurt, lifting too much weight during a deadlift, or not asking a question. Pride is the obsession with yourself that leaves the acknowledgent of others untold (we’re a pretty team orientated bunch here).

Guilty – Gary and Rene are guilty of the gift of gab and cheering on their fellow bootcampers during the tough times when 8pm strikes the clock.

Bonus sin…

Vanity – Screw that, enjoy the way you look 😉

Best wishes,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect