The 3 minute 30 second makeover

Everyone likes reading those glossy magazines of our favorite celebrities or the latest trends to get those sexy abs. But the world is a deceitful place these days, and unfortunately some people don’t care about ripping you off and will do anything for the all mighty buck. It seems the advertising industry is built on this principle, and is achieving its objective when it elicits an emotional response from you with these outrageous claims of body transformation.

I used to have a roomate who was a photographer, and he was routinely touching up and “improving” his client’s headshots. It’s just things you don’t think of! And the trouble is that we are constantly bombarded by these messages. The shame of the matter is that it becomes so common that it starts to shape our reality. Remember, reality is how we internally perceive the world around us (so if you are constantly thinking that everyone has amazing bodies because you are always seeing these magazine covers or watching tv, then that is what you will come to believe). So buyer beware – as next time you see a before and after, something like this may have happened. Here is a video I found on youtube that I just had to show you.

P.s. As if I had to say it, but all bootcamp before and afters are legitimate. Check out a few of The Bootcamp Effect All Stars. And if you want to work out in a fun (but hardworking), and positive atmosphere that will put you on the path so that you enjoy exercise and stick with it for years so that you will actually achieve your goal (pheww that was a mouthful), then come check out The Bootcamp Effect for your free week trial.

Josh Saunders
Boot Camp U