Superbowl Friday Has Saints Reign in a Bootcamp Match-Up For The Ages!


Pass around the hot sauce, the bayou has reason to celebrate tonight as the magic 8-ball that is The Bootcamp Effect 6am fitness workout has put in its bet for Superbowl Sunday (GO SAINTS). There was a male cheerleader, there was smiles, there was sweat, there was effort. There was opposing teams cheering for each other – this was the epitome of taking it to the extreme.

2 teams of women dedicated to their health and fitness goals left it all out on the mats during 50 minutes of high intensity interval training that had them flipping mats, crawling like bears, and jumping like frogs. The saints got off to an early lead and never looked back as they  defeated the colts 45-31 in a high powered explosive bootcamp that some are calling “SUPERFRIDAY.”

Commissioner Josh Saunders was pleased with the energy of the room. “It was contagious, everyone came out to work hard today. You just can’t teach that. You can’t tell someone to act like that. Savannah’s leg of the lunge relay was out of control! Susan was bear crawling with a sore wrist was inspiring. The Saints really did come together as a team, despite the Colts best efforts like Julie’s 2 minute plank!”

I look forward to more outings such as these and other events that inspire The Bootcamp Effect members to take it to the next level and have fun while achieving their goals. I leave you with this quote: “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

Josh Saunders