Superbowl Edition: Eat this Not That!

Hi Guys,

For some reason everyone watches the Superbowl. I actually follow football, but by the time it comes around, I am all footballed out and don’t seem to care who wins (especially if those Steelers are in it again!) It may be because I get the Canadian ctv feed and know of greener pastures on the commercial side of things and want to see babies trading stocks and the newest movie trailers… Don’t get me wrong, football is great, it is a strategic game where coaching is actually important. And the NFL does a fantastic job of creating a spectacle, which draws so many people together from different walks of life, and yes, I imagine most of them don’t even like football. In any case, I am rambling again….

Keep it healthy this Sunday and I hope that you will take some of these suggestions to heart. And remember, I will see you all next week!

Probably not a good idea on Sunday.

Here it is:

Eat this – Vegetables with hummus or roasted red pepper spread
Not that – Nacho chips with the dip (yes this means that spinach
and artichoke dip)….ewwww

Eat this – Baked chicken wings (not the best of choices either, but if you want to take it to the next step,
take off the skin too)…no wait a minute that’s kind of ewwwww too.
Not that – Deep fried chicken wings

Drink this – Red wine or really dark beer (more antioxidants)
Not that – Sugary mixed drinks (any sort of hard-bar such as rum and coke is a bottomless pit of calories).

Eat this – Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Not that – Regular Fries

Eat this – Salsa
Not that – Any type of creamy dip you can think of

And lastly…to enjoy your Superbowl partay and not feel guilty
about it the next day…

Just stay away from fried foods and anything made with white flour. Start thinking about homemade salsa, homemade beef meatballs, and well, then invite me over to your house. 😉

That’s about it. With these tips You will not only be saving your
waistline but the waistline of both strangers and loved ones too 🙂

P.S. By drinking a cold glass of water first thing in the morning, you will increase your body temperature and your body will work harder and thus increase your calorie burning without even exercising. So, water first, then tea…. (I am English).

Take care and talk soon,

Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect