Introducing STRENGTH and SWEAT

gym update, covid-19

BEFIT is evolving again.

Yes, with the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve figured that pivoting on our model was necessary for at least the time being. So here’s the changes…

There will be 2 options and 2 workouts to choose from in each timeslot.




(periods done for emphasis).

In each timeslot, there will be:

  • 8 strength spots.
  • 13 sweat spots.

STRENGTH will be focusing on building structural balance in your body. These will be purely strength training based workouts with a focus on time under tension and the BEFIT standards. Think powell raises, romanian deadlifts and front squats…

SWEAT will be focusing on building your capacity in the 3 energy systems composing of metabolic resistance training, high intensity interval training (hiit), and steady state aerobic training while building muscular endurance. Think situps, kettlebell swings, pushups and rowing.

That means more spots in each session while observing social distancing and complying with Fraser Health guideline’s for fitness facilities and gyms.

That means:

  • 12 timeslots Monday to Thursday with a 252 member capacity/day
    (We’ve only ever surpassed that total a handful of times in 10 years)
  • 11 timeslots on Friday with 231 member capacity
    (We’ve never had that many people work out on a Friday)
  • 5 timeslots Saturday with a 105 member capacity
    (We only surpass this number with charity bootcamp workouts)

See COVID-19 has forced us to evolve, and we are doing so.

With approximately half of you working on a more specific protocol, this lets us get your warmups more specific, your mobility more specific and your results more specific. This also ensures you have all the equipment you need during right at your station and without moving throughout the gym and that you get the desired stimulus you want and need for your day.

For example…

    • Super stressed out and wanting to just mindlessly workout? DO SWEAT!
    • Been chronically injured and want to rehab your body? DO STRENGTH!
    • Want to build your cardio and endurance? DO SWEAT!
    • Want to build more muscle? DO STRENGTH!
    • Forgot to sign up in advance to secure the workout you want? DO EITHER!

With this model and with this many sessions and spots in each workout, we feel confident enough that you can even just show up for a session without even signing up (if you have one of those sort of jobs that makes it hard to commit to a timeslot in advance) and of course you’ll always be able to see how many people are signed up for the session here: https://thebootcampeffect.com/schedule  so you don’t show up if it is already full.

P.s. You should sign up for the 5:30am session as it is very popular and I would hate for you to show up and not have a spot at that time.
P.p.s. You should also get in the habit of signing up in advance so that you schedule and prioritize your workouts in your day.

We feel confident this will take BEFIT into the future (and at least out of the period where we don’t have to have everyone train in place.)

And results, let’s talk about those for a second…

By hyper focusing on 1 thing in a month, you’ll be able to maximize your results due to an increased training stimulus.

  • Want to work on building your endurance? Focus on just the SWEAT sessions for a 3 month block!
  • Want to work on building muscle for 3 months? Focus on just the STRENGTH sessions for a 3 month block!
  • Want to be well rounded? Do 3 days a week of STRENGTH and 3 days a week of SWEAT.
  • Want to lose fat? Do either and eat better!

The workout structure is as follows:

Monday – Lower body focus
Tuesday – Upper body focus
Wednesday – Lower body focus
Thursday – Upper body focus
Friday – Lower body focus
Saturday – Upper body focus

Monday – Metabolic resistance training
Tuesday – High intensity interval training
Wednesday – Aerobic training
Thursday – Metabolic resistance training
Friday – High intensity interval training
Saturday – Aerobic training

This lets us specialize your training goals within the workouts more than ever before (and of course modifications and progressions will always be there for you) with multiple levels in each session.

Yep, we’ve got SWEAT+ and STRENGTH+ for you over-achievers too!

Committed to always getting better regardless of outside circumstances.
Committed to controlling what we can control.

And most importantly, committed to your success,
Josh Saunders

P.s. I will be in the gym for all 12 sessions on Monday June 1st. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.
P.p.s. With this change the cancellation window has been moved to 2 hours making it easy for you to manage your schedules.