Science and Guts


Please do not push through the pain barrier that is injury. Please speak with your trainer for modifications for specific exercises or speak with your physician.

And now…


You have to have an attitude of never ending improvement when lifting weights because the body is not used to the fight that is that 9th 10th  & 11th rep.

That fight is what makes the body change.

That stress is what will make it adapt.

YOU WILL get leaner and more muscular when you challenge it with 10 squat to presses with 10lbs in week 1 and then with 25lbs in week 4.

It’s just science and guts.

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand.

And you have to have the GUTS on a weekly basis.

Get Under That Spell

of excellence.

of hard work.

of commitment.

of courage.

Going through that pain barrier, those last 2 or 3 reps, that’s what makes the body change.

That pain barrier is the x factor, that is where all your success lies.

That is where few people will go and thus why few people can show off that body at the beach during that confident stride.  If you can’t go through that barrier, forget about your dream body, you have to have the guts to get it.

To yell and to raise your adrenaline for that extra rep.

You have to do everything that’s possible to win in this life.

Because it is worth it to look at yourself and be proud of your creation. To be proud of YOUR PIECE OF ART. To live to 80 health free.

And with advances in modern science….

Who knows…

To live forever???

Do you have the guts to find out?


Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect