Say No to Infomercials, Magic Supplements, and Chuck Norris

Have you noticed what has happened to us as a society these days? We want everything and we want it right now!

What adds to this dilemma is the constant bombardment of advertising in our face 24/7.

Take fat loss for instance, we have informercials, Valerie Bertinelli, Chuck Norris, fat burning pills,the shopping network.

I can regularly turn on the tube at 5am and you know what I see?…


These advertisements are in our face making us feel fat, making us believe it is an easy fix, making us start to believe that weight loss can happen fast…Much faster than the years of bad eating habits and sedentary behaviour that packed on those pounds. See this has us convinced we can be slimmer by next week.

Well, is it possible?

Fast weight loss is OUT.  It’s unhealthy due to crazy diet restrictions! It can’t last and the results are not sustainable, as your body will start to store fat as a result of the starvation response. What we want is FAT LOSS. Fat loss that comes from doing total body exercises, working hard, and eating healthy amount of nutrients (this can still be fast too).

See with quick fix, magic bullet solutions in a bottle, and wrapped up in a nice foldable put under your bed diet, your metabolism is going to slow down because you’re not eating enough, This on one hand will make you lose weight in the short term. But now your metabolism is slower and you are not going to burn as much fat and so the frustrating cycle continues!

Oh, did I mention the stress this causes you – which further perpetuates the cycle? And now your on that metaphorical treadmill and not getting anywhere with your fat loss.

This is what we call a yo-yo diet in the fitness biz. The constant battle of weight loss/weight gain – dammit body! Make up your mind!

Your body is just doing what it is programmed to do and that’s adapt to the situation.

So here’s what works:

  • Raise that metabolism through the roof!
  • Slightly decrease the amount of food you eat per day – but still eat 5-6 small meals!
  • Cut out the crap – you know what I’m talking about and snack on veggies!
  • Be part of a group where fitness becomes a routine/lifesyle and stick with it. That’s right no month in – month out. Try 6 months, stick to it – die on that mat before you give up! (mindset mentality – not literally)

That fat loss may seem slow on that week to week basis – but add that up over 6 months and you’re looking at a nice chunk of fat off your body and a renewed and revitalized healthy outlook on life (priceless????? think about it!)

I always ask my bootcamp members this one question…