Saturday – Three’s a Crowd – January 2019 (TIS THE SEASON OF FITNESS)

Coaching Notes:

If you are the 3rd partner who will be waiting around 3 minutes before getting into the workout, work on mobility. This is a great opportunity to groove the bottom of your squat with a squat sit, or do a banded front rack to work on your front rack position for your thrusters.

In part A, you want to make this around 60-90 secs of effort.

Thrusters should be a weight that you can do unbroken… but it should be challenging.

On your abmat situps, think about your abs pulling you up on each rep, try to avoid using momentum.

Don’t worry about going ham at the beginning of this workout, it will get progressively harder from round to round, and you will be doing about 7-8 rounds of effort in a team of 3.