Rugged Maniac Vancouver – BE Rugged Part 2

rugged maniac

This Saturday, Team Bootcamp Effect aka BE Rugged took on Rugged Maniac Vancouver at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds for the 2nd year in a row.

As expected, it was another well executed event and was a blast to share in the experience with all of you. Thanks to everyone who came out to support and capture a few moments with The Bootcamp Effect family!

Here is a recap of Rugged Maniac Vancouver:

The Sea of RED came out in full force with 114 registered participants. Bootcamp Effect was the biggest group at Rugged Maniac Vancouver. Here’s a picture of us warming up with a squat sit.
be rugged, rugged maniac

But wait, we need a post warmup cheer to get the race going. BE RUGGED!!!!
rugged maniac bootcamp effect

As Karen likes to say in the warmup, “this is the calm before the storm…”

What time is it? Game time Whooo! 12pm time to rock!
rugged maniac

There was a Richard Simmons sighting as our very own Warren Zamko ran the race twice that day including coming in the top 10 in the Elite heat at 9:45am. Cue the side by side shot!
richard simmonsphoto

And Richard knows how to bang a gong too.

Marcus catching some air after a gong hit.
Wait, what did I just say?

But if you’re gonna hit a gong. You got to hit it hard.
rugged maniac vancouver
Wait, what did I just say again?

Cue the laughing Craig.
Rugged Maniac Vancouver

Ed and Terry were out for another stroll this year looking good as always.
And somehow, still looking good here in this action shot…

Who can look good jumping over a fire?
bootcamp langley
Well, these guys can.

So can these guys…
rugged maniac vancouver

So, technically, Rugged Maniac is a mud run.

And occasionally, you’ll have to crawl under barbed wire through muddy water.

Or brave the unknown.

Take on a new challenge as a team!

With points for execution and style.
rugged maniac

And swagger.

But you always know, you can get by with a little help from your friends!.
Rugged Maniacphoto

Because you know…
bootcamp, bootcamp effect
See you in the gym!

Looking forward to more Rugged Maniac adventures with you all,
Josh Saunders
The Bootcamp Effect